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JKLF Aims and Objectives

Following shall be the Aims and Objectives of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF)

1.      To struggle against foreign occupation, gain independence and attain an honourable position amongst free nations of the world. Struggle to establish a political and social infrastructure based on the values of democracy, public welfare and social justice in the country.

2.      To evolve and practice political strategies which meet modern-day demands for national liberation.

3.      To fight on all fronts, which have been declared legitimate for the subjugated nations (under alien domination) by the United Nations.

4.      To provide moral and material support to Kashmiri organisations working for complete independence of the State.

5.      To project the Kashmir Issue and the liberation movement as a question of national independence at the international level, and to acquire support (from international community) and public opinion for our movement.

6.      To reinforce patriotism and unite all the citizens of the State on ideological grounds to achieve national liberation.

7.      To interact and liaise with revolutionary liberation movements and progressive international organisations to gain support, and to support other freedom movements in the world.

8.      To expose all elements inside the State (in all parts) who are engaged in personal and political gains at the cost of national liberation and are acting as puppets and quislings for foreign powers.

9.      To uproot all racial, communal, regional, linguistic and class prejudices if they exist amongst any people in the State and to promote unity, friendship and equality amongst them.

10.  To establish effective communication channels amongst the currently cut-off but patriotic people in the forcibly divided parts of the State.

11.  To try to help resolve social and economic problems of our people in all parts of the State.

12.  Take effective steps to publicise our ideology and aims as widely as possible.

13.  To take steps to inform the Kashmiris, especially the younger generation, of the historic background to the Issue, the true nature and history of our liberation movement including geographical and historical facts and economical potentials of Jammu-Kashmir.

14.  To take steps to unite and organise all the patriotic Kashmiri people wherever they may be residing under the banner of the JKLF.

15.  Pending the final settlement, aim to merge Gilgit/Baltistan territories with Azad-Kashmir and to establish therein a democratic representative government with full powers to serve as a base-camp in accordance with the objectives of the Provisional Azad (Free) Government established on 4th October 1947.

16.  To re-instate and safeguard national identity and cultural and religious values of all people of Jammu-Kashmir State.

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