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Tuesday, 25 September 2012
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JKLF London Branch Meeting Held

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) London Branch held a special meeting in Walthamstow, London to discuss the current situation of Kashmir freedom movement and role of JKLF UK zone to internationalise this long standing unresolved issue. Various suggestions were discussed in the meeting including chalking out the activities for the next six months to highlight the Kashmir issue from Kashmir perspective.

The statement issued after the meeting, said that JKLF condemns the plans of Pakistani authororities to annex Gilgit Baltistan and make it a fifth province. Any such illegal move by Pakistan Government will be resisted by the people of Jammu Kashmir with full force. The statement further said that JKLF has always been of the opinion that the most practicable, democratic and honourable solution of Jammu Kashmir issue is to allow the people of divided regions a free and fair referendum to determine their future according to their own free will.

Speaking on this occation, Senior Vice President of JKLF in UK, Cllr Mahmood Hussain said that although JKLF advocates a free Sovereign Independent Country of Jammu Kashmir, but being a democratic movement, we believe that the people of Kashmir be given the right to exercise their own right to determine their future. He further said that if Kashmir issue remains unresolved, uncertainty, instability, clouds of war will remain in the region. The international community is duty bound to mediate and involve itself in order to halt the injustice done to the people of Jammu Kashmir. Cllr Hussain further said that Indian government must stop all human rights abuses in disputed area of KashmirIndia has oppressed Kashmiris from last over 65 years and Kashmiris are virtually been imprisoned in their own homes.

The meeting was well attended by all office bearers of JKLF London branch including Cllr. Mahmmod Hussain, Javaid Rashid, Mahmood Faiz, Mohammad Farooq, Tariq Sharif, Sanawar Hussain, Tasalat Hussain, Mohammad Naveed and Mohammad Saleem. 

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) 
Friday, 14 September 2012
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Gilgit Baltistan is legally part of Jammu Kashmir State

London branch of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front  (JKLF) has condemned the move by the Pakistani authorities to make Gilgit Baltistan a part of Pakistan constitutionally.

In a statement issued after the meeting of JKLF London Branch, it said that Gilgit Baltistan is part & parcel of Jammu Kashmir State and Pakistan has no legal or moral justification whatsoever to annex this part of Jammu Kashmir.

The statement said that at one hand Kashmiri people are fighting the Indian occupation and now Pakistan, the so-called “big brother” of Kashmiris is back-stabbing the people of Jammu Kashmir and their sacred movement for national emancipation. By taking this illegal and unjust step, Kashmiris are being forced to consider Pakistan in par with India. If Pakistan really cares for Kashmiris and wants peace in the region, it must not betray Kashmiris, who have also sacrificed so much for Pakistan.

JKLF and people of Kashmir will strongly oppose and resist conspiracies   against the sacred cause of freedom and the fundamental rights of the people from all parts of forcibly divided state of Jammu Kashmir of which Gilgit-Baltistan is an integral part till the end.

The meeting was attended by President of JKLF London Branch Mahmood Faiz, Vice President Mohammad Farooq, General secretary Mohammad Saleem, Cllr Mahmood Hussain, Javaid Rashid, Tariq Sharif, Sanawar Hussain, Tasalat Hussain and other office bearers of JKLF London branch. 
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