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Saturday, 25 August 2012
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JKLF –UK delegation meets with British Foreign Office officials in London

JKLF –UK delegation meets with British Foreign Office officials in London to apprise them of the human and political rights situation in Kashmir.

A delegation of the UK based pro-independence Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) met with the head of the South Asia (India) section at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London in an official meeting to apprise them of the human rights and political rights situation in Kashmir. The JKLF delegation, lead by the newly elected president, Azmat A Khan, raised a number of issue with the FCO head with regards to UK policy on the issue of Kashmir and the dire human rights situation in Indian occupied areas, including reports of extra-judicial killings, false imprisonment of minors and abduction cases involving Indian security forces and the extra-ordinary case of recent discovery of ‘unidentified mass graves’ issue. During the two hour long meeting many questions were raised from both sides and issues of concern were discussed in detail in seeking UK government’s role to affect a peaceful resolution of the longstanding issue of self-determination and the position it had taken with respect to United Nations’ stance on Kashmir as well as the role of British MPs who had been vocal on pressing for peaceful end to the conflict in Jammu-Kashmir.

The high level JKLF delegation, which comprised of its president Azmat A Khan, vice president Mahmood Hussain and senior leader prof Zafar Khan, pressed on the FCO policy makers to review the ineffective and inadequate Kashmir policy and its regional security implications. They pointed to the dangers of failure and the consequential fallout both within the two sides of Kashmir as well as in the UK because of a large population of Kashmiri origin that had settled in the UK and were deeply entwined with the issue.

During the meeting the JKLF delegation made their party position clear with regard to the inept  pace and substance in bilateral negotiations between India and Pakistan officials and conveyed their discontent with ill perceived ‘confidence building measures’, which they said, had produced little dividend for the ordinary people of Jammu-Kashmir on both sides of the line of control. They put forward a number of proposals for consideration with respect to aid for India and Pakistan and the UK government’s visa policy for Indian servicemen engaged in Kashmir as well India’s visa policy for British passport holders of Kashmiri origin.

Commenting on this first important meeting since the two main factions of the JKLF were merged and a new executive body was elected in the UK in early July, a JKLF spokesman said that it was a significant high level meeting where frank and candid discussions took place and certain mutually beneficial ideas and proposals were exchanged and that there would be a follow up meeting in the new year.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012
President of JKLF (UK Zone) Prof. Azmat Khan visits London

President of JKLF (UK Zone) Prof. Azmat Khan visits London

President of JKLF UK Zone Prof Azmat Khan visited London where he was warmly welcomed by London Branch President Mahmood Faiz and other senior members of London Branch.

Speaking on this occasion, Prof. Azmat Khan praised the role of London Branch and said that “Torch of Peace” was a very timely and successful campaign. He further said that London is the hub of world politics & economic activity and plays a vital role in the world affairs. Taking this into consideration, JKLF President Azmat Khan suggested that JKLF should look into opening an office in London. During the meeting with JKLF officials (London Branch) discussions took place on further strengthening the organisation and taking the movement forward on strong and viable footings. Plans were discussed to hold events in the next 6 months to highlight Kashmir issue from Kashmiri perspective.

On this occasion London Branch President Mr. Faiz said that with the Re-unification of JKLF and merger of small parties into our fold, JKLF has got the mandate to carry forward the wishes and aspirations of people of entire Jammu Kashmir State including Gilgit Batistan.

Those present in the meeting were, JKLF senior Vice-President Cllr Mahmood Hussain, Sanawar Hussain, Tariq Sharif, Tasalat Hussain, Mohammad Naveed and other members of London Branch.

Publicity Secretary
JKLF London Branch

Monday, 20 August 2012
JKLF Chairman Yasin Malik's house arrest by Indian authorities during Eid-ul-Fitre strongly condemned

JKLF Chairman Yasin Malik's house arrest by Indian authorities during Eid-ul-Fitre strongly condemned

(London- 20 August:) Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has strongly condemned the house arrest of JKLF Chairman Mr Yasin Malik in Srinagar by Indian occupation authorities during the end of Ramadan Eid-ul-Ftre festival. He was put under house arrest on 19th August and continues to be detained at his residence in the Maisoma neighbourhood of Srinagar.

By putting the JKLF Chairman under house arrest Indian authorities have prevented him from offering Eid prayers and   direct contact with the people at the
TRC ground in Srinagar where he delivers an address to the congregation on each Eid occasion.

In a press note released  here today, Professor Zafar Khan, who speaks on the diplomatic affairs of the JKLF, Professor Azmat Khan, president of JKLF's UK chapter, Syed Tehsin Gilani, its General secretary and  Councillor Mahmood Hussain its  senior Vice President have  strongly condemned Mr Malik's house arrest; and  have termed it a cowardly deed by the Indian authorities.
These leaders have accused the authorities of interfering in religious affairs by preventing Mr Malik to offer the obligatory Eid prayers, and have called Mr Malik's house arrest as an infringement of his democratic and political rights to engage in peaceful political activity.

The JKLF leaders  further stated that if the Indian authorities continue to prevent the JKLF chairman from  meeting the masses in all parts of the Indian held Jammu Kashmir, the organisation will take this  issue before international human rights fora as well  as other authorities to expose the under hand undemocratic  methods of Indian state machinery in Kashmir.
Saturday, 11 August 2012
“Torch of Peace” campaign visits East London Mosque’s

“Torch of Peace” campaign visits East London Mosque’s

London (10 August 2012):  The “Torch of Peace” campaign initiated by JKLF to highlight the Kashmir issue during London Olympics games visited Mosques in East London on the important day of Friday.

Accompanied by the office bearers of JKLF London Branch, the campaigners visited one of the biggest Mosque in East London where hundreds of people including Kashmiris gathered and lauded this timely and effective campaign.

Senior Vice President of JKLF in United Kingdom, Mahmood Hussain briefed the public outside the Lea-Bridge Road mosque about the campaign. He said that the campaign was launched by JKLF on 1st August 2012 and will continue till the end of Olympic Games. He appealed to general public to come forward with more drivers and vans, so that campaign can be strengthened further. The vehicles which have been decorated with banners, highlighting Human Rights violations in Kashmir drew lot of attention from the public.

Publicity Secretary
JKLF London Branch
Friday, 10 August 2012
‘Torch of peace campaign a wise move’

‘Torch of peace campaign a wise move’

Rawalpindi, Aug 8: Expressing satisfaction over Kashmir awareness campaign during Olympic Games in London, the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front has said that the “Torch of Peace” drive would go a long way in sensitizing the world about the plight of Kashmiris besides projecting the vexed issue in its real historic perspective.

“The JKLF leaders at a meeting hailed the initiative of JKLF-UK zone and termed it as a wise and well-timed move to seek world attention towards the lingering Kashmir dispute”, said a statement here.

The Front leaders maintained that the organizing ‘Torch of Peace’ drive in London at this point in time when the world’s media and sports fans have gathered in a huge numbers was in fact a significant move intended to bring to light the plight of Kashmir, the Indo-Pak governments’ apathy towards resolving the issue, drawing attention of the international community towards gross human rights violations in Kashmir and projecting Kashmir issue as an issue of Kashmiri peoples’ freedom.

They said that the ‘Torch of Peace’ vehicle running all day grabs attention of thousands of visitors has been receiving great media coverage as well.
JKLF wants independent,democratic and secular Kashmir

JKLF wants independent,democratic and secular Kashmir

Rawalpindi, Aug 8: The patron-in-chief of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Amanullah Khan has said that his party wants an independent and sovereign state having a democratic, federal and secular system of government in place.

JKLF’s aged leader made these assertions in a communiqué sent to foreign diplomats based in Islamabad on Wednesday. Khan said that the JKLF wants an independent state based on five provinces that included Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit Baltistan and Pakistan administered Kashmir.
He said that as a sovereign state it would be our foremost priority to establish cordial relations with all countries particularly with immediate neighbors that including Pakistan, India, China and Afghanistan.

It may recalled here that besides the communiqué, a copy of Khan’s recent article “The Kashmir of My Dreams” and the press release in response to President Obama’s recent statement have also been dispatched to the heads of diplomatic missions.

In response to President Obama’s statements, the JKLF patron-in-chief said that if he thought that he could not implement his promise, he should have not made the promise in the first place, but once made it, he should have stood by it come what may. “That is what was expected from men of integrity, self-respect and honesty”, he said.

Khan advised the people of entire Jammu Kashmir State to depend on themselves and not on the so-called believers in justice and equity or on human rights and human dignity.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012
“Torch of Peace” campaign is in full swing

“Torch of Peace” campaign is in full swing

London (07 August 2012): Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) is continuing its “Torch of Peace” campaign in London. JKLF functionaries and volunteers are very enthusiastic to carry this campaign forward and vehicles are moving around Olympic Village and important tourist attractions as well as the most important landmarks of Central London. The vehicles which have been decorated with banners, highlighting Human Rights violations in Kashmir drew lot of attention from the public and world media present in London to cover the London Olympics.

Yesterday “Torch of Peace” campaign vehicles also drew around UK Parliament, Downing Street (British PM office) and many other important government offices.

Senior Vice-President of JKLF UK zone Mahmood Hussain who was overseeing the campaign yesterday has said that international community especially Britain has a moral obligation to play a pivotal role for a peaceful and lasting solution based on the democratic will of the people of Jammu Kashmir. He said that Kashmiri community in Britain want an honourable solution of the Kashmir issue based on the true aspiration of its people. Mahmood Hussain further said that there are about 1.5 million Kashmiris living in Britain and the purpose of this “Torch of Peace” campaign is to remind the Government of Britain to intervene in order to save precious lives in Kashmir.


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