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Monday, 10 October 2011
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JKLF Re-unification Press Statement

The two main functionaries of pro-independence Kashmiri organization “Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front” (JKLF) have been merged into each other following a meeting of their respective heads Mr. Ammanullah Khan and Mr. Muhammad Yasin Malik on 12th of August 2011 at former’s residence in Rawalpindi, wherein they had in principle decided to reunite the party. The decisions regarding the re-unification of JKLF were announced by both these leaders during press conferences simultaneously held in Islamabad, Pakistan and Srinagar, IHK. These decisions were agreed upon after an eight (8) member Unity Facilitation Committee (UFC), four (4) members from each side, had held a number of meetings  to finalize the modalities since its formation by the two leaders on 12th of August.

Names of Unity Facilitation Committee (UFC) Members:

From Mr. Ammanullah Khan                    
1. Adv. Sardar Sageer Ahmed (AJK)            
2. Hafiz Anwar Samavi (AJK)                       
3. Manzoor Ahmed Khan (AJK)                 
4. Master S. M. Afzal (IHK)                         

From Mr. Muhammad Yasin Malik
 1. Adv. M. Sabir Ansari (AJK)
2. Khuwaja Pervez Iqbal (AJK)
3. Muhammad Rafiq Dar (AJK)
4. Adv. Bashir Ahmed Butt (IHK)

Note: Adv. Sardar Sageer Ahmed was later on replaced by Mr. Abdul Hameed Butt.

The UFC held its first meeting on Friday, 9th of August 2011, in Central Information Office (CIO) Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi wherein Mr. Ammanullah Khan made his special appearance. On the occasion while delivering a lecture on freedom movement, the organization and ideology, Mr. Ammanullah Khan highlighted the responsibilities and importance of UFC. He thanked central executive committee members of both the sides for having endorsed the decision for re-unification of JKLF by them. Both the sides put forth their suggestions for unification which were fruitful, welcoming and based on forward movement, and were discussed during the meeting in a very cordial and conducive atmosphere. However, the decisions were adjourned till next meeting.

In order to reach to consensus on certain important issues, the UFC were in frequent touch with each other and their respective heads.

The second meeting of UFC was held on Sunday, 18th of September 2011, again in CIO Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi wherein the members decided to announce the party re-unification along with the following unanimously agreed upon decisions:

Ÿ        Mr. Ammanullah Khan shall be the life time Supreme Head (SH) of  Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF).

Ÿ        The office of SH shall specially and specifically remain assigned to Mr. Ammanullah Khan only, who shall be the most respectable personality to every member, office bearer and leaders of JKLF.

Ÿ        The office of SH shall be the symbol of unity (oneness) for all the constituent parts of the state of Jammu Kashmir, ie; Kashmir, Jammu, Ladakh, AJK and Gilgat Baltistan.

Ÿ         The SH shall be taking care of the ideological boundaries of JKLF and shall be the symbol of independent and sovereign state of Jammu Kashmir.

Ÿ        Mr. Muhammad Yasin Malik shall be the chairman of JKLF until the central convention is held after the formation of supreme council (SC) for he being one of pioneers of the current freedom struggle including Shaheed Ashfaq Majeed and Shaheed Sheikh Abdul Hameed.

Ÿ        Mr. Muhammad Yasin Malik shall be running the overall organizational as well as the affair’s of freedom movement leading a 19 member committee with proportionately divided representation from every zone. 

Names are as below:
From IHK….. 9                                          
1. Adv. Bashir Ahmed Butt                             
2. Eng. Gh. Rasool Dar             
3. Noor M. Kalwal                                                 
4. Showkat A. Bakhshi                         
5. Javed A. Zargar                            
6. M. Zaman Mir                             
7. Master S. M. Afzal
8. Sheikh Ab. Rasheed
9. M. Yaseen Butt

From AJK…..6   
1. Adv. M. Sabir Ansari   
2. Khuwaja Pervez Iqbal 
3. Dr. Touqeer Gilani 
4. Hafiz Anwar Samavi    
5. Sardar Ab. Hameed
6. Khuwaja Saifudin

From Overseas
1. Raja Muzaffar (USA)
2. Prof. Zaffar Khan (UK)
3. Prof Azmat Khan (UK)
4. Manzoor A. Chusti (ME)

The SH shall refer any emerging dispute or controversy for discussions to the highest level decision making authoritative body the SC after having consultations with the party chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik.

Under the leadership of chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik, this 19 member committee shall work until the formation of SC and its convention after having held the zonal conventions in their respective zones.

A constitutional committee, based on the members of constitutional experts, shall also be formed to reproduce / reframe the constitution of JKLF. It’s members are:
            1. Adv. M. Sabir Ansari
            2. Raja Muzaffar
            3. Adv. Mazhar Iqbal
            4. Adv. Abid Ayub

On certain important issues and party institutions, and their possible role in future, it was decided that their policy shall be formulated and finalized after having discussions in SC lead by Muhammad Yasin Malik, wherein suggestion, if any, from SH shall also be considered and taken into account.

Signatures of the members of Unity Facilitation Committee

1. Adv. Bashir Ahmed Butt        ………………………….

2. Adv. M. Sabir Ansari             …………………………...

3. Khuwaja Pervez Iqbal            …………………………….

4. Hafiz Anwar Samavi              …………………………….

5. Muhammad Rafiq Dar           …………………………….

6. Master S. M. Afzal                …………………………….

7. Abdul Hameed Butt               …………………………….

8. Manzoor Ahmed Khan          ……………………………..
Sunday, 9 October 2011
No one can divide Kashmiris: Yasin Malik

No one can divide Kashmiris: Yasin Malik

Soibugh (Budgam), Oct 9: The JKLF Chairman Yasin Malik on Sunday said Kashmiri people cannot be divided on the basis of sects and clans.
 “Kashmiri people are linked through a common culture of humanity. Agents who try to divide people on such basis are the real enemies of our movement,” he told a gathering here in central Kashmir.    “Our religious scriptures teach us that the pure follower of Islam is one who shares the pain of others,” Malik said.  He urged people to remember the sacrifices of the martyrs. “The JK has been griped by widespread grieve, fear and terror. We shouldn’t forget the victims of conflict in this confusion,” he said. Malik said the survival of the movement depends on mutual understanding among different communities living in JK. On the occasion he applauded the contributions made by Syed Hamid-ullah Haqqani, administrator of the Haqqani Memorial Trust, Kashmir.
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