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Monday, 30 July 2012
“Torch of Peace” campaign during London 2012 Olympics

“Torch of Peace” campaign during London 2012 Olympics

“Torch of Peace”

Kashmir Awareness Campaign during 2012 Olympic Games in London

Press Release (London 27 July 2012): Athletes from over two hundred countries are taking part in one of the largest sporting events-the Olympic Games- in London as a manifestation of   universal goodwill and fraternal relations amongst the nations and Peoples of the world. Millions of people throughout the world however continue to suffer and endure oppression at the hands of some of the states represented at the Games.

17 million people of Kashmir are one such glaring example of   suffering and oppression at the hands of the Indian State. Over 700,000 Indian troops are actively deployed in the Indian held part of the forcibly divided state of Kashmir, who openly indulges in massive abuse of human rights, rapes, destruction of property and disappearance of innocent youths.

More recently, thousands of unmarked graves were discovered in many areas of
Kashmir as reported by Amnesty International. Thousand of Kashmiri people are still languishing in prisons across India. The revelation of these unmarked graves has increased the fear of their whereabouts.

The Torch of Peace campaign is to  high light the plight of  Kashmiri people (without disturbing the enjoyment of the games) and expose the  state oppression by the  huge occupying army of  so called largest democracy in the world-India which continues to deny to the people of Jammu Kashmir, their internationally recognised, inherent and inalienable right of self determination.

The Torch of Peace is also to expose the   indifference and failure of the big' powers' and the United Nations to secure the FREEDOM for the people of Kashmir which the world body promised the people of Jammu Kashmir. 

The-launch of the Torch of Peace is a reminder to the World Conscience of the continued enslavement and subjugation and forced division of 17 million people and their land between
India and Pakistan.

You are therefore cordially requested to attend this poignant and its launch on Wednesday, 1st August 2012 Time: 2pm at 93 Leytonstone Road, London, E15 1JA (Car Park)

For further details contact:

Mr. Mahmood Hussain                   (+44) 0795 640 0834
Mr Mahmood Faiz on                       (+44) 0794 671 8006
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