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Wednesday, 21 August 2013
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All Party Consultation Conference to be held on 28th August in Oldham, UK

London -Press Release (20 August 2013)

In an attempts to forge unity amongst various Kashmiri groups and organisations actively involved in the Kashmir campaign in the UK from both sides of Jammu-Kashmir, an all party consultation conference is being organised at the end of this month by the UK & Europe chapter of the pro-independence Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF).

Arrangements are being finalised to host the conference on 28th August in northern town of Oldham, Greater Manchester, and JKLF general secretary, Tehsin Gilani, has written to nearly 2 dozen heads of UK based Kashmiri groups for their proposals.

JKLF president, Mr Azmat A Khan, said in a statement that he is hopeful that Kashmiri activists in the United Kingdom will sign up to JKLF proposals for meaningful international campaign in support of the independence movement after a thorough debate and introspection of the current situation and dilemmas faced by the Kashmiri movement.

“This will be the first of its kind conference where party heads are being invited to debate JKLF proposals to put forward their own ideas of how to move forward and to put together resources and manpower to internationalise the issue of Kashmir in the world media and in the international forum instead of repeatedly highlighting the issue within the Kashmiri community and the diaspora”, He added.  

JKLF president is to present a written paper to open the dialogue with all parties at the conference and hopes to build consensus and forge real unity amongst Kashmiri political, human rights and community groups who are interested in playing an effective and fruitful role in the near future.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013
Tuesday, 13 August 2013
JKLF in UK condemned the ‘doctored’ communal clashes in Jammu area

JKLF in UK condemned the ‘doctored’ communal clashes in Jammu area

(London- 13 August 2013): 

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front- JKLF- in United Kingdom has condemned the communal violence in Jammu region and subsequent arrest of JKLF Chairman Yasin Malik & other leaders who were going to lead a peace march in Srinagar. In a statement issued from London, the leaders of JKLF in United Kingdom have expressed their strong resentment over what they called as ‘doctored’ communal clashes in the areas of Jammu.

The leaders of JKLF in UK which included Zonal President Prof Azmat A Khan, head of the JKLF Diplomatic Committee Prof. Zafar Khan, Senior Vice President Councilor Mahmood Hussain, General Secretary Syed Tahseen Gilani, organizer Sabir Gul, and other leaders of JKLF UK chapter have termed the recent unfolding events in Jammu region as worst attempt of electoral politics by the pro-Indian political parties who are hell-bent upon making the lives of common people a misery. The leaders also denounced the role of Hindu fanatic parties including BJP who have tried their best to further communalize the situation & damage the decade’s old religious brotherhood between the people of Jammu Kashmir.

JKLF has also appealed to the people of Jammu Kashmir to be vigilant and aware of these well hatched conspiracies and evil designs. The statements further added that we must all unanimously defeat the communal forces who want to malign our genuine struggle for national emancipation and depict peace loving Kashmiris as communal.

Press Secretary
JKLF (UK & Europe)

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