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Thursday, 30 May 2013
JKLF in UK has strongly condemned the arrest & banishment of JKLF leadership from Doda

JKLF in UK has strongly condemned the arrest & banishment of JKLF leadership from Doda

(30 May 2013) Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) in United Kingdom has strongly condemned the arrest & banishment of JKLF leadership from Doda District of Jammu Kashmir. JKLF leaders led by Chairman Yasin Malik went to Doda (Jammu) to oversee the relief work carried out by JKLF. The earthquake had hit this area two weeks ago and had left many homeless. JKLF had started a fund raising campaign for the victims of the earthquake.

The relief material loaded in several vehicles was seized, drivers beaten, vehicle windows were broken and hotel in which JKLF leadership were staying was besieged overnight by Indian armed forces. JKLF leaders including Chairman JKLF Yasin Malik, S M Afzal, Bashir A Butt, Sheikh A Rashid, Showkt Bakshi, Zahoor Butt, Mir Saraj udin, Mir Zaman, Bashir A Guro, Shah sb, Moalana Rubani, Prof Javaid, Azhraf bn salam, Bashmir Kashmiri, Khurshid Butt and many others were ruthlessly beaten, arrested taken back by police under tight security.

There are also reports of JKLF headquarter based in Maisuma, Srinagar has been raided & ransacked by Indian forces & people are on roads protesting against this gross human rights violations.

In a press note issued from London, Professor Azmat Khan, president of JKLF's UK chapter, Professor Zafar Khan, who speaks on the diplomatic affairs of the JKLF, Syed Tehsin Gilani, its General secretary and  Aslam Mirza its Senior Leader, have  strongly condemned the harassment & arrest of JKLF leadership; and  have termed it a cowardly deed by the Indian authorities.

The JKLF leaders  stated that if the Indian authorities continue to prevent the JKLF chairman from  meeting the masses in all parts of the Indian held Jammu Kashmir, the organization will take this  issue before international human rights fora as well  as other authorities to expose the under hand undemocratic  methods of Indian state machinery in Kashmir. They further said that such oppressive and cruel measures will not dampen the struggle for right to self determination and national dignity of Kashmiris.

Press Secretary,
JKLF (UK) Zone

Thursday, 16 May 2013
Wednesday, 1 May 2013
JKLF in London demanded repeal of AJK 1974 Act

JKLF in London demanded repeal of AJK 1974 Act

Press Release --- London (01 May 2013):

JKLF London Branch meeting was held in London to discuss the Karachi Agreement and also other issues pertaining to freedom struggle of Jammu Kashmir. Meeting was presided over by Branch President Mahmood Faiz and was well attended by all office bearers and members of the branch.

Cllr Mahmood Hussain who is also Senior Vice President of JKLF UK Zone while speaking during the meeting condemned the Act 74 of AJK government. Cllr Hussain termed the Act 74 as an instrument of slavery for the nation and stated that Gilgit- Baltistan was integral part of Jammu Kashmir so Pakistan should not try to unilaterally declare it as its province. He further said that such a move by the Pakistan would not only violate the United Nation resolutions on Jammu Kashmir but also will give India an excuse to do the same for Ladakh and Jammu.  

Branch President Mahmood Faiz on this occasion urged Pakistan government not to back stab the Kashmiri movement but respect the integrity of Jammu Kashmir State. He demanded the revocation of Act 74 and other Acts which further divide Jammu Kashmir under Pakistan Control & warned that such anti-movement activism by the Pakistan Government would back fire and JKLF along with its allies will be forced to launch a worldwide movement across the world against this.

JKLF London branch also congratulated their colleagues in Pakistan Administeed Kashmir for holding a huge protest demonstration in Muzaffarabad in which thousands of people participated.

Meeting was addressed by Tariq Sharif, Sanawar Hussain, Javaid Rashid, Mohammad Saleem & Abdul Shakoor.

Secretary Information,
JKLF London Branch
JKLF to hold hunger strike at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

JKLF to hold hunger strike at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

NEW DELHI: JKLF chief Yasin Malik who was released on April 15 from a 35-day house arrest will be holding a 48-hour hunger strike at the Jantar Mantar here from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Malik is here to seek support from the civil society in the rest of the country (outside if Kashmir) for his causes.
"We are here to ensure that our voices are heard by the Centre and also to register as part of the civil society in the rest of the country, which played such an important part in the 1994 cease fire that helped many militant groups to take the peaceful path," Malik told TOI, on Tuesday.
There are three main demands that Malik is here with and they include justice for the 32 people who have recently been sentenced for life imprisonment in Kashmir over 2012 and 2013, for being involved in cases of militancy that date back to before 1994, when the ceasefire was declared and those like Malik's JKLF laid down their arms and moved into non-violent movement even as they continued to be considered separatist activists in the Valley. The second plea that Malik will be making is to ask the Centre to return the body of Parliament attack accused Afzal Guru, who was hanged in Tihar jail and buried there, to his family in Kashmir.
Malik's third reason for the hunger strike protest is in demand for justice for the families of those three people killed in the Machhil sector of north Kashmir by the Army. When it was later found that the three men were killed in fake encounters, by the Army personnel in the border area, the Army men were suspended and charged with murder. While their trials are going on, their families have complained of being harassed by the Army. Some of the harassed family members have traveled to Delhi with Malik and will be protesting with him at Jantar Mantar, to seek reief and justuce from the government and also to seek support of the mainstream civil society in the country, for their cause.
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