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Thursday, 30 July 2009
Sunday, 26 July 2009
Saturday, 18 July 2009
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An Appeal to World Conscience

Kashmiri PeoplesInherent, internationally recognized and pledged but now being denied
Right of Self-Determination

An Appeal to World Conscience
From: All Parties Committee for Kashmiri Peoples Right of Self-Determination

Component Parties of All Parties Committee for Kashmiri Peoples Right of Self-Determination

Name of the Organisation Headed by
1) All J & K Muslim Conference (A) Sardar Atiq Ahmed. Khan Ex. Prime Minister, Azad Kashmir

2) All J & K Muslim Conference (F) Raja Farooq Haider (MLA)
3) Pakistan Peoples Party Azad Kashmir Ch. Abdul Majeed Ex. Speaker, A.K. Assembly
4) Peoples Muslim League Barrister Sultan Mehmood Ch. Ex. Prime Minister, Azad Kashmir.
5) Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Ex. MLA
6) Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) 
7) Jammu Kashmir Liberation League Malik A. Majeed, Ex. Chief Justice, Azad Kashmir High Court
8) Jamat-e-Islami Azad Kashmir Abdul Rasheed Turabi, Ex. MLA, Azad Kashmir
9) Gilgit Baltistan National Alliance Inayatullah Shumali Scholar
10) Jamieat Ulmai Islam Maulana Saeed Yousuf
11) Jamieat Ulmai Jammu Kashmir Sahibzada Atiq-ur-Rehman, Member A.K. Assembly

12) Islamic Democratic Party Ghulam Raza Naqvi, Member Kashmir Council
13) Pakistan Peoples Party (Shaheed Bhutto) Ch. Munir Hussain Advocate
14) Peoples National Party (PNP) Barrister Qurban Khan
15) United Kashmir Peoples National Party M. Ishtiaque, President Press Club
16) Kashmir Freedom Movement Ch. Khaliq Hussain Advocate

Convener Mr Amanullah Khan, Supreme Head JKLF, (in his personal capacity)

The One Point Agenda of All Parties Committee for Kashmir Peoples Right of Self-Determination “To struggle unitedly and effectively, to enable the people of entire Jammu Kashmir State as it was on August 14, 1947 to exercise their inherent,internationally recognized and pledged right to determine the future status of the State in full accordance with their freely expressed will”.
Wednesday, 15 July 2009
Tuesday, 14 July 2009
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TRC calls off strike, threatens of mass protests if justice not done

Trehgam, July 14: Trehgam Resistance Committee on Monday said that there will be no strikes from Tuesday (14th July) onwards and appealed people of Kupwara to resume their normal life.

A big procession of around five thousand people was taken out on Monday from Trehgam to Doolipora graveyard where people in large numbers offered Fateh Khawani and prayed for the bereaved soul. The procession was addressed by senior leader of JKLF and chairman of Trehgam Resistance committee SM Afzal, MLC of Panthers Party Rafiq Shah, Dr Hafizullah Pir, District Bar President Bashir Ahmed Dar and Senior Academic Sikandar Malik.

Addressing the people, the local Resistance Committee formed to spearhead the campaign seeking justice for Shaheed Aamina made it clear that people of the area will resist hard if government tried to washout the facts. They said that one of the culprits was arrested from TR160 Battalion of Indian forces based in Trehgam, his identity card and mobile phone were also recovered from the room where body of Shaheed Amina was later found. They said that the house of Shaheed Amina Masoodi was cordoned off by armed forces during the time of the incident.

The Committee demanded immediate withdrawal of armed forces from the area and arrest of other troopers who were accompanying the trooper on the night Shaheed Aamina was martyred. The committee also demanded the details of the medical report which was yet to be made public. The Resistance Committee warned of huge protests if the authorities failed to take necessary actions against the troopers.

Monday, 13 July 2009
Demonstration in London against detention of Shabir Ahmed Shah

Demonstration in London against detention of Shabir Ahmed Shah

A demonstration was organised by Kashmiri parties in UK in front of Indian High Commission London on Sunday 12 July 2009 against the continued detention of Shabir Ahmed Shah by Indian authorities since August 2008.

This demonstration was a part "Shabir Shah Release Campaign" launched by Kashmiri parties in Diaspora. This demonstration will be followed by meetings with British Foreign & Commonwealth office and human rights groups of all national mainstream parties of UK. Parliamentarians will also be approached and the matter of illegal detention will also be raised in the Houses of Parliament. All international human rights organizations including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Federation of Human Rights and UNCHR, will also be contacted.

Among others who participated in the demonstration were Prof Zafar Khan, Head Diplomatic Committee JKLF, Prof Nazir Shawl, Director Justice Foundation Kashmir Centre, Ershad Malik, Secretary Diplomatic Affairs of Democratic Freedom Party, Nazir Qureshi of World Kashmir Freedom Movement, Haji Rauf Khan, President JKLF UK Zone and Dr. Misfar Hassan of Jammu Kashmir Liberation League.

Saturday, 11 July 2009
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JKLF Demands Release of Shabbir Ahmed Shah

(London, July 11, 2009) Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front - JKLF has demanded the immediate and unconditional release of veteran Kashmiri leader Shabir Ahmed Shah. He has been illegally incarcerated by Indian authorities since August 2008.

In a statement issued from London, head of JKLF diplomatic committee Prof. Zafar Khan has said that sacrifices rendered by Shabir Ahmed Shah are enormous and he has stood firm to his commitments despite all odds. He said that this illegal imprisonment was not new to him and such kind of tactics by Indian government can not demoralize the Kashmiri people.

Zafar Khan said that JKLF fully supports “Shabbir Shah Release Committee” formed in London. He said JKLF will support all the measures adopted by the committee in order to secure the release of Shabbir Shah from Indian prison. Zafar Khan further said that JKLF will attend in large numbers in the demonstration in London against the arrest of Shabbir Ahmed Shah. He called on the Indian government to release all political prisoners in Kashmir including Shabbir Ahmed Shah and start a meaningful dialogue for the resolution of Kashmir issue.

Zafar Khan also condemned the molestation and subsequent killing of a Kashmiri girl in Trehgam. He welcomed the formation of a “Trehgam Resistance Committee” by the local people headed by Senior Vice Chairman of JKLF, Sheikh Mohammed Afzal. He offered full support to the committee in order to bring the culprits of this heinous crime to justice.

Zafar Sharif, Secretary Diplomatic Committee, JKLF

Friday, 10 July 2009
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“Trehgam Resistance Committee” demands action against molestation of girl in Trehgam

Trehgam, Kupwara (July 10, 2009)
Senior Vice Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front –JKLF- Sheikh Mohammed Afzal has strongly condemned the molestation of a girl by Indian army and her subsequent death in Dolipora, Trehgam.

Amina Masoodi was abducted, molested and killed by the TR160 Battalion of Indian regular Army based in Trehgam. As the word about the incident spread in the area, people took to streets and raised high-pitched anti-India and pro-liberation slogans.

The local people of Trehgam and adjourning villages have made a committee called “Trehgam Resistance Committee” followed by a meeting of notables of the area. The committee is being lead by Senior Vice Chairman of JKLF S M Afzal.

The committee in its first meeting after Friday prayers in Jamia Masjid Trehgam has demanded a through investigation into this heinous crime and have demanded the arrest of soldiers and action against the local government. The committee has also called for the complete strike for 4 days. The committee has welcomed the arrest of one solider involved in this incident after the mass protest by the people in Trehgam.

Addressing the people on Friday prayers in Jamia Masjid Trehgam, Sheikh Mohammed Afzal said that this incident in Trehgam came amid discontent all across Kashmir about the rape, molestation and murder of two Kashmiri women in Shopian, where complete shutdown continued for the 40th day, today. He said this incident occurred after several complaints about TR160 Battalion of Indian regular Army by the local people to district magistrate few weeks before. S M Afzal said that local government of National Conference was also aware of the shameful activities of TR160 Battalion of Indian regular Army.

S M Afzal said that the cases of molestation of Kashmiri women in occupied territory have increased considerably in recent times. He called upon the international community to ensure safety and dignity of people of Kashmir. S M Afzal further said that such oppressive and cruel measures will not dampen the struggle for right to self determination and national dignity by the people.

Andleed Kashmiri,
JKLF (Srinagar)
Friday, 3 July 2009
A Duty to our Martyrs

A Duty to our Martyrs

By Prof. Zafar Khan

Month of July holds a special place in the hearts and minds of people of Jammu Kashmir. On 13th July 1931 twenty two unarmed peaceful protesters were gunned down by Maharaja Hari Singh’s police out side Srinagar jail while demanding release of Abdul Qadeer, whose only crime was that he dared to condemn the draconian ruler of Kashmir, the Dogra Maharaja. The present phase of the ongoing freedom struggle in Kashmir was also begun in July 1988.

In this long and protracted struggle for emancipation and freedom, hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris have perished, and been forced to become refugees in their own as well as neighbouring countries since the 1940s.

Particularly over the past 21 years Kashmiri nation has lost over a hundred of thousand men women and children including some of its most illustrious sons of the soil. Among this multitude of sacrifices include the martyrdom of Maqbool Butt, Ashfaq Majeed Wani, Abdul Hameed Sheikh, Abdul Gani Lone, Dr Abdul Ahad Guru, Dr Ashai, Professor Abdul Ahad Wani, Shabbir Siddiqui, Basharat Raza, Mirwaiz Molvi Mohammed Farooq, Hilal Baig, Ejaz Dar, Maqbool Ellahi, Altaf Qureshi, Ghulam Rasool Mir, Hardai Nath Wanchoo, Sheikh Abdul Aziz and many more. Ordinary men and women are subjected to most undignified, degrading and humiliating oppressive methods, including rape and summary executions adopted by over 700,000 military operating in the Indian occupied part of Jammu Kashmir.

A nation which has lost two generations of its youth at the hands of Indian State since 1988 cannot therefore be expected to compromise on the sacred principles of justice, democracy and above all freedom which is yet to be realised through the exercise of its inherent, inalienable and internationally pledged and recognised right to self-determination; which to date unfortunately remains denied to the 15 million inhabitants of the divided Jammu Kashmir state as a whole!

The very ideal and objectives for which Kashmiri people have fought and made tremendous sacrifices, since before, and after the fateful day in July 1931 for national emancipation and deliverance from internal and external tyranny cannot be bartered away for any settlement of Kashmir issue, which is within the present framework of Indian constitution, and one that will continue to maintain the forced division of Jammu Kashmir between India and Pakistan.

Thus we owe it to the memory and sacrifices of the martyrs and future generations of Kashmir to continue the freedom struggle for reunification and unfettered right to self-determination of 15 million inhabitants of their forcibly divided country.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009
JKLF condemns Kashmir killings

JKLF condemns Kashmir killings

News Agency of Kashmir (6/30/2009 9:47:58 PM )
Press Release/London, June 30 (NAK): Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front –JKLF- has strongly condemned the brutal and unlawful killings of two Kashmiri youth at the hands of India's occupation forces during a peaceful demonstration in Baramulla.
In a statement issued from London, Head of the JKLF Diplomatic Committee Prof. Zafar Khan has said that recent incidents in Kashmir clearly show India’s intolerant behaviour towards Kashmiris genuine aspirations of a political settlement of Kashmir dispute. He said that indiscriminate firing on peaceful demonstrators will not make Kashmiris retract from their demand of free and fair plebiscite in Kashmir. He further said that such oppressive and cruel measures will not dampen the struggle for right to self determination and national dignity by the masses.
Zafar Khan said that the cases of molestation of Kashmiri women in occupied territory have increased considerably in recent times. He called upon the international community to ensure safety and dignity of people of Kashmir, especially in view of the attempted rape of Kashmiri women in Baramulla and subsequent brutal killing of two Kashmiri youth at the hands of India's occupation forces.
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JKLF Luton Branch Convention Held

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Luton chapter convention was held on 28/06/2009 at Burry Park Community Center under the supervision of election commissioner Malik Latif, Zonal President Haji Abdul Rauf, Zonal Gen. Sec. Prof. Mohammad Riaz and Head of Diplomatic committee Prof. Zafer Khan. After a democratic and constitutional process, newly elected body of JKLF Luton Chapter is:

President: Haji Kaman Afser

Vice President: Bashir Bazam

Secretary: Syed Tahseen Gilani

Assistant Sec.: Ch. Iftikhar

Press Sec.: Sikander Iqbal

Finance Sec.: Khawaja Latif

Organizer: Naseer Khan

Members of Executive Committee

1- Ch. Kashif

2- Hameed Khan

3- Ch. Pervaz

4- Ishtiaq Butt

5- Ch. Rehman

Newly elected body will chose 3 more members in its first meeting.
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