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Monday, 25 June 2012
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JKLF (UK Zone) Convention--- Press Release

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF)-UK chapter is holding its zonal convention under the new party constitution which was finalised recently following the merger of the two main groups lead by Mr. Amanullah Khan and Mr. Yasin Malik.

The  JKLF convention is to be held in Birmigham on Sunday, 1st July, 2012. JKLF members throughout the UK have  submitted nominations to election commissioner, prof Zafar Khan, the deadline for which closed on 21 June 2012.

In a  statement issued by  prof Zafar Khan, who is one of  the two members of the organisational committee along with Prof Azmat Khan appointed to oversea the re-organisation of the party in UK,  said that the members were enthusiastic about renewing their commitment for their part in the liberation movement and will re-affirm their pledge for the just struggle for the independence movement at the historic party convention which will see a reunited party on one platform.  

The statement said that “65 year ago the British left Jammu-Kashmir divided, occupied and subjugated by its neighbours but for the past 65 years their nation had endured gross human rights violations, unprecedented military suppression and violence but the struggle to strive for self-determination has continued through thick and thin, and we will be continued at the international level with renewed vigour. .

“35 year ago, Kashmiri expatriates lead by Amanullah Khan founded the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) in Birmingham-UK, which has become the single most powerful movement advocating for inalienable and unfettered right to self-determination for the 19 Million people of Jammu-Kashmir. Over the past 2 decades the JKLF has won international recognition through a younger and dynamic revolutionary leader, Yasin Malik, and it has now become the most popular pro-independence organisation with strong membership in all parts of the state, including, Kashmir valley, Jammu, Ladakh, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Balitistan and throughout the world-wide Kashmiri Diaspora. It represents unwavering, unyielding and selfless commitment for peaceful and democratic resolution of the issue for self-determination and its members will renew their commitment to the freedom movment and will set out seek international attention and support in the years to come ".

Zafar Khan
Member central organisation Committee
Election Commissioner

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