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Friday, 19 July 2019

Release Yasin Malik Campaign delegate led by General secretary JKLF UK zone Liaqat Lone met with Phillip Bennion MEP (Lib Dem west midlands region).

Release Yasin Malik Campaign delegate led by General secretary JKLF UK zone Liaqat Lone met with Phillip Bennion MEP (Lib Dem west midlands region).

Nazam Bhatti & Masoom Ansari the founder members of jklf were also present in the meeting. The delegate raised their concerns on illegal arrest of yasin malik chairman jklf under draconian law PSA imposed by indian govt.

Yasin malik life is under threat due to serious health issues and lack of health facilities provided to him. He has no access to medicine which has caused deterioration of his health.
His family is not allowed to see him in Tihar jail Dehli. He has been pressurized to compromise on his peaceful political struggle which he has refused to do so. He has no contact to his family ever since he has been arrested since Feb 2019.
Indian Govt has banned JKLF political peaceful struggle in Indian occupied Kashmir. India, so called world biggest democracy is not allowing peaceful political movement in Kashmir. There is more than 700000 troops deployed in Kashmir valley who is using pallet guns on children, women raped cases, civilian killings, kidnaping of youth is daily mission of Indian forces in Kashmir.

The Govt of India has refused access to amnesty international, red cross and many other NGO’s in Kashmir. It has been mentioned in UN human rights report published in  8th July 2019 and 14th June 2018. The Modi Govt is propagating Hindu extremism and the lives of innocent people are in danger. The ceasefire line has been violated many time with heavy shelling on civilians living on both side of ceasefire line in Jammu Kashmir.

The delegate has also raised concerns on the exploitation of natural resources by diverting the river Neelum & Jhelum in Muzaffarabad AJK. Neelum Jhelum hydral project is serious threat to 675000 people living in that area. There has been no environmental consultation addressed which has caused the serious threat to local community due to shortage of water and created health concerns in local vicinity. The govt of Pakistan is making dams in AJK against the will of Kashmiris which is the violation of united nation rules. India & Pak cannot build dams on a disputed territory. We urge the international community to intervene and stop both occupants to exploit natural resources of Kashmir.

The honorable MEP assured the delegation to raise our concerns to EU Parliament as well as UN. Mr P Bennion also support the ideology of independent Kashmir and admired the road map of Amanullah khan in which he asked both countries to demilitarize Jammu Kashmir state and give right to the people of Kashmir to decide their future. The referendum which gives people unfettered  right of self-determination.

The delegation presented the report as well as letter to the honorable MEP for future actions and thanked him for his help & support to raise the voice for voiceless Kashmiris.


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