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Thursday, 11 August 2016

People led by JKLF leader Bashir Kashmiri marched towards martyrs’ graveyard Eidgah

Debates in Indian parliament and statements of Indian leaders regarding Jammu Kashmir wretched and a shows colonial mind set of Indians towards Kashmir said Muhammad Yasin Malik

Srinagar -11th August: Debates in Indian parliament and statements of Indian leaders regarding Jammu Kashmir are wretched and a show of the colonial mindset of Indians towards Kashmir. Indian leaders can deceive Indian public opinion by bundle of lies and false propaganda but it cannot change the reality on ground. Who says Indian army is not on ground in Kashmir. It is already deployed to crush people’s movement here.

This was stated by the jailed chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik while reacting to recent statements by Indian prime minister, Indian home minister and debates in Indian parliament on Kashmir. Terming the Debates in Indian parliament and statements of Indian leaders regarding Jammu Kashmir as wretched and a show of the colonial mindset of Indians towards Kashmir, jailed JKLF chairman said that Indian home minister Rajnath Singh sahibs statement on deployment of Indian army in Jammu Kashmir is absurd and deceitful, He said that Indian army is already  deployed in south and north Kashmir and even in parts of Srinagar outskirts, installed to crush peoples peaceful protest in these areas.

 He said that even Indian television channels and newspapers have carried the news of Indian army’s deployment in various areas of Kashmir and among 60 people martyred and 6000 people injured so-far many have been hit by the bullets of Indian army men. He said that Indian prime minster and now his home minister have tried to portray a people’s revolution as sponsored and ‘mischief of some miscreants’ and instead of acknowledging the political nature of Kashmir issue have cited unemployment and underdevelopment as a cause of this uprising. 

By issuing these statements, Indian leaders can befool themselves and their people but this callous and state of denial cannot change the reality on ground, asserted Yasin Malik. He said that the reality is that immediately after gaining freedom from British, India snatched the freedom of Jammu Kashmir by military might and from that time people of Jammu Kashmir are resisting the military occupation of India. 

If this people’s resistance would have been sponsored or because of less development or unemployment, this could not have survived more than six decades, said Yasin Malik. He said that even in hardest of times Kashmiris have and are generating employment for thousands of Indian workers and artisans in Kashmir and no one has ever died here because of hunger or unemployment. Dubbing the debate on Kashmir in Indian parliament as bogus, JKLF incarcerated chairman said that after killing 60 of our innocents, injuring more than 6000 out of which many have lost their eye sight and vital organs, we are being told that many quintals of ration, enough of gas and kerosene oil are in stock for Jammu Kashmir.

 Also fabricated figures of injuries to Indian security forces are being propagated to justify killing and injuring innocents that too in Indian parliament. This shows the apathy of Indians towards Kashmir and Kashmiris and the gravity of this apathy is many a times more to what is being shown today on Indian television channels regarding an accident in SubashNagar Delhi. Yasin Malik said that Kashmir issue is a living reality which needs a resolution and those who are trying to ignore this reality are actually acting like an ostrich which hides its head in a pit and thinks that danger is gone. He hoped that good sense will prevail and Indian leaders and the ignorant international community will understand the importance of resolving this issue in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Jammu Kashmir.   

Meanwhile thousands of men, women, youth and children today marched towards martyrs’ graveyard Eidgah as per the program given by joint resistance leadership. This march started from Nawakdal Srinagar and led by JKLF zonal organizer Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, protesters raised slogans in favor of freedom and martyrs. This peaceful march reached Safakdal Bridge that had been closed down with razor wire and barricades by police and forces. The protesters staged a peaceful sit-in at the bridge. While addressing the protesters JKLF leader Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri said that martyrs are heroes of Kashmiris and every Kashmiri is indebted to these great sons of the soil. He said that by banning peaceful protest march so-called rulers have actually shown that they are worst kind of dictators.  


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