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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Naming overwhelming majority of Kashmiris asking for Azadi as ‘some misled people’ old ploy of Indian leaders. Denying reality cannot change the reality, Yasin Malik

Faith in Allah almighty, strong unity and unrelenting resistance are the only weapons that will take us to our desired goal said incarcerated JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik

Srinagar 9th August: Naming overwhelming majority of Kashmiris asking for Azadi as ‘misled’ old ploy of Indian leaders. Denying reality cannot change the reality. Faith in Allah almighty, strong unity and unrelenting resistance are the only weapons that will take us to our desired goal. It is the duty of every Kashmiri to remain steadfast against forces of tyranny. This was stated by the jailed chairman of Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik in a message sent from incarceration toady. 

JKLF chairman who is in jail from 8th July 2016, in his message to Kashmiri nation said that unwavering faith in Allah Almighty, strong unity and unrelenting resistance are the tools needed to overcome the forces of oppression and tyranny and these tools will surely take us to our desired goal of free Kashmir. Terming the recent statement of Indian Prime Minister Jenab Nerander Modi as illogical, Yasin Malik said that it has been an old ploy of Indian leaders to deny reality regarding Jammu Kashmir and name millions of Kashmiris who are asking for Azadi as “some misled people”.

This state of denial has and will yield nothing because denying reality never changes the reality, asserted Yasin Malik. He said that the reality is that Kashmiris with one voice are demanding freedom and the only way to resolve this human issue is to accept the reality and find some courage to resolve it according to the wishes, aspirations and sacrifices of the people of Jammu Kashmirs.

Hailing people of Jammu Kashmir for their resolve and sacrifices, JKLF incarcerated chairman said that struggle for freedom asks for sacrifices and this journey is always a long tedious journey but the nations which decide to fight the forces of darkness and oppression tread this thorny path and finally reach to their desired goal. Yasin Malik said that from last 32 days, Kashmir is burning, our 55 innocents have fallen to the bullets of trigger happy Indians, more than 6000 men, women and children are injured among whom hundreds have lost their eyesight and other vital organs .Our houses, vehicles, business establishments are being vandalized by Indian forces, pellets and pepper-gas are being used at will and even women and children are not being spared. 

Medical, paramedical staff and ambulances have become primary target of forces. He said that police and forces at the behest of so-called rulers have speeded up callous and undemocratic means like night curfews, nocturnal raids, spree of arrests and other oppressive measures to overpower peoples will. JKLF chairman said that Kashmir is burning, innocent killings, curfew and restrictions continue unabated but instead of putting an end to the atrocities against people and listening to their just voice, Indian leaders and their Kashmiri stooges seem stagnant with their state of denial policy. Appealing Kashmiris to stand united and follow the protest programs given by the united resistance leadership, Yasin Malik said that at a time when oppressors are trying hard to break our unity and resolve we need to shun our petty differences, stand firmly united and resist tyrants with oneness and passion. 

He said that Kashmir and Kashmiris are passing through hard times but our history bears a witness to the fact that we as a nation have always endured hardships with unity and zeal. Our passion for brotherhood, philanthropy and social works has always been at high during hard times and everything done in this regard by our youth and elders during past 32 days bear a witness to this fact. 

Yasin Malik said that along with the unity on political front, poor nation of Kashmir also needs oneness on social, economic and religious fronts also. Stressing upon the need of forging social unity at the level of Mohallas, localities and Masajid, Yasin Malik said that elders and Ulema related to different Masajid and localities, with the help of others, need to rise above the considerations of creed and color and try to reach out to poor, downtrodden and affected people and help them in these hard days. This will ensure that help reaches to every needy person and family and this also will eradicate chances of deceitful person trying to betray people in the name of social work, added Yasin Malik. 

Meanwhile besides JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik who is in Srinagar central jail, JKLF vice chairman Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi, Zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal, leader Zahoor Ahmad Butt and block president Kakapora Shabir Ahmad Ganaie remain incarcerated in different Jails and police stations. 


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