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Thursday, 4 March 2010


Amanullah Khan, Patron-in-Chief (Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front - JKLF)
 Efforts to solve Kashmir Issue have been continuing since the very birth of the problem in 1947 but did not succeed for one reason or the other. About a dozen solutions of the Issue have so far been proposed by different quarters. These solutions include (1) UN supervised plebiscite per resolutions of the UN Security Council and UN Commission on Kashmir (UNCIP) to determine the political and constitutional status of Jammu Kashmir State, accepted by both India and Pakistan. (2) Division of the State per Dixon Plan (3) Division of the State on religious basis (4) Settlement of the Issue through negotiations between the governments of India and Pakistan (5) Joint Control of India and Pakistan on the entire State (6) Complete Independence of the whole State (7) Complete Independence of Kashmir Valley and the rest of the State to go to India and Pakistan (8) Making the present LoC permanent Indo-Pak border (9) Self Rule to all the three regions (10) To give the entire State or part of it under UN Trusteeship for some time followed by a final democratic settlement (11) Demilitarisation of the entire State.
     The aforementioned proposed solutions including two (S.No.1 and 4 initially) accepted by both India and Pakistan could not be implemented due to opposition to them by one or the other party to the issue arguing, rightly or wrongly, that they were detrimental to their national interests. None-the-less there surely does exist a way to solve the Issue without hurting the national egos or harming the legitimate interests of India, Pakistan or Kashmir.
The solution of Kashmir problem that does not hurt the national egos or harm the legitimate interests of any of the three parties hence cannot and should not reasonably be rejected by any of them, is that it should be peaceful, equitable, democratic and honourable.
     The only solution that fully meets this criterion is to re-unite the divided Kashmir (officially termed as Jammu Kashmir State) in several peaceful phases, bringing it back to the position of August 14-15, 1947, after simultaneous withdrawal from there of all Indian and Pakistani armed and civilian personnel and to make it temporarily though, a fully independent State with a democratic (having a bicameral elected parliament) federal (Kashmir Valley, Jammu, Ladakh, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan as its provinces with maximum internal autonomy) and secular system of government and having compulsory friendly relations with all its neighbours, with India and Pakistan in particular, who should undertake not to violate the borders or interfere in the internal affairs of Kashmir and the latter should pledge not to let its territory or airspace to be used against any of her neighbours. In order to make the solution really democratic based, it is a must to subject the matter to the freely expressed will of the people. As such there be a free and fair referendum 15 years after independence, under international auspices in which people of the entire State will determine whether Kashmir should perpetuate its independence, become part of India or of Pakistan or adopt any other course and that fair and democratic verdict of Kashmiri people be accepted by all concerned i.e. India, Pakistan, all Kashmiris and international community, as final settlement of the Issue and implemented.
This is the only solution of Kashmir ‘imbroglio’ that is not only peaceful, equitable, democratic and honourable, but can surely prove to be permanent too and solve the problem once for all. Let us see how:- READ MORE


  1. First of all let me conceede, i am not a politician or student of history.These views are purely based on logical historical facts as per my comprehension...and i may be wrong as well.I am ready to stand corrected....

    Let's all revist history and go back to oct1947.I am quoting here..if any one disagree's to my views please revert to that point only to avoid mix up.

    Fact No 1 : It was left to Maharaja Hari Singh(No choice of subjects) to choose which way to go..either wth India, Pakistan or remain Independent.....He chose to remain independent.... See more

    Fact No. 2 : Pakistani forces in disguise of Kabailees attacked Jammu and Kashmir to grab it by force.

    Fact No. 3 :Foces of Maharaja were unable to check the invaders due to being small in number and logistics and lack of weapons.

    Fact No. 4: Maharaja approached India for help.But Indian Govt put a condition that we will only help if you make J&K part of Indian Republic and sign the Instrument of Accession.

    Fact No.5: Maharaja in consultation with Sheikh Abdullah flew to Delhi and signed as per the agreement/condition.

    Fact No. 6 :After fulfillment of legalalities and making J&K part of the union.Indian Govt. rushed its forces to flush out the invaders who had come very close to city of Srinagar and were sucessful in capturing the major part back.

    Fact No. 7: As India had legal position in its favour..Instrument of Accession, it approached UN for redressal.

    Fact No. 8 : To maintain its policy of Peaceful resolution of the issue,India agreed to Ceasefire having faith in UN ( Biggest Political and Diplomatic Blunder as per many political commentrators).Otherwise it was quite capable militarily to get all of J&K back.....This one mistake of india is the ROOT CAUSE of all the problems which is concerning all of us leading to Division of the state of J&K into virtually 4 parts.

    Fact No. 9 : Now refer to various UN resolutions on this issue, which are self explanatory...for this you may have to go to UN's official it will not be prudent to paste them here due to shortage of space.Read them and draw the conclusions.Especially de-militrisation of J&K and then holding the Plebescite/Refrundum.

    Fact No: 10 :But after SHIMLA AGREEMENT of 1972....the UN Resolutions became meaningless as it was decided that all differences will be sorted out by India and Pakistan BILATERALLY and no THIRD PARTY intervention is required or allowed.

    Now the question remains..

    1).who has to vacate the occupied parts of J&K first to bring back normalcy... obviously Pakistan as it has no Legal right..though it may claim moral/ethinic right.

    2) Leagally speaking India is not the agressor,as it has Instrument of Accession on its side but it has no control over the will of the Majority of the people.

    3) Till the time Pakistan will not vacate the occupied or so called AZAD and Northern region parts of J&K.....Plebescite can not be held.

    4) India has already committed a blunder by referring the issue to UN in can not afford to send a weak message on its stand once again.....ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY.

    5)First it has to be seen which country BENDS...FIRST.

    6) After that only wishes of ORDINARY People like YOU & ME will be considered.......whatever happens/how many people get killed everyday/how many get displaced and doesn't and WILL NEVER MATTER AT ALL.

    Keep praying that better senses prevail and we ALL WITNESS PEACEFUL SOLUTION TO THIS BLOODY our LIFETIME.

    You need a leader like GANDHI to sort out this tricky and tangled ONLY NON-VOILENCE and TOLERANCE can work here...and Voilence NEVER....NEVER.

    Thanks for patient reading.....GOD BLESS US ALL.

  2. dDear friends,
    Kashmir has an heavenly beauty, the breath taking scenes of Kashmir and stunning valley are really admireable. Visit the picture gallery at and take the edge of internet.

  3. Dear Brothers at JKLF:
    On behalf of The CH Khan,would like to praise your work for highlighting kashmir issue,the above also involved in similar issue with little or no support from the kashmiri community,as your are aware we muslims are gripped with this notion of jealously competing for publicity at the expense of kashmiri war victims,and also some kashmirir so called politicians who are heavely influenced by pakistan as there are on the other side,this unfortunate thinking of these people puts kahmir's cause at back burner or at risk,so therefore the above would like to joins hands with party such as yours,for moral support,as you may have notice how much kashmiri community based in uk paying into coffers of pakistan PIA what are getting in return mere empty promises false hopes,would it not be better if we collectively work together to have a Airport in AJK if There can be AirPort in mountainous Nepal, why not in Azad Kashmir,The above would be happy to play role in this regard.

  4. Dear JKLF:
    With regards to the comment on behalf of the Above,I would like to emphasise that the i some what agree to the above thinking and also the issue of kashmiri's coffing the huge amount of money towards the coffers of PIA and what we kashmiri's getting in return,i tell you what we get in return A harrasment at the So called Islamabad BB airport,we pay for our humiliation and harassment,
    that's because some people like to con us out of pocket there as well as PIA,We have no Electricity that we can run our fans on,let alone Industry our Government A lame duck that never does anything on it's own always follows pakistan's advice as suites pakistan same on other side,some people do get through at the Airport without any problems as their advertise themselves as so called uk MP'S or Mayors or so called Councilors,although some are bloody illiterate compare to those who are not in any appeasing position,true we need these sort of people,but we need people who are influential not some cheap publicity seekers,that we currently have,anyway i agree that kashmir issue needs new turn and new faces,that can moblise the community,and pressure the government to do something not just appease the kashmiri community
    with organisation such as friends of kashmir or palestine for votes in return this is bribe,we shall not fall for it.


  5. Dear Brothers at JKLF:
    I some what agree with comments given above although no name given,but i do agree that we will not get much attention to our struggle,from the international community as our current trend of highlighting kashmir issue is not of any credible form if i may say,We need to change our lobby tacticts and also most importantly we need right people do guide us or work with us,i mean look at our government,you know as well as i do gilgit baltistan is part of kashmir yet,kashmir government has no control over it the pakis tan government has created a situation that would put some distance between the kashmiri's so that their the kashmiri's don't unite on this issue,pakistan been at it since it sent those so called kabaili's,to over run kashmir,so that pakistan can annex that to it's territory,but failed,and to this day kashmiri's are paying the price,kashmir never been part of india or pakistan,never will be so if pakistan has lost bangladesh kashmiri's not responsible for it,just because pakistan lost bengal thru it's arrogance,does not mean kashmiri should abandon their call for total independence from both,and redraw the
    geographical land borders i.e reclaim the land that's rightly kashmiri's there are afew thousand kilometres of land that's kashmiri's on both sides of neighbouring countries,i.e india and pakistan,if pakistan wants to appease it's alley's with overtures than it should give it's own territory not kashmiri's i.e siachin.we need to consider all these issue's and more,can only be done if we all sit together or atleast have one say or agenda,we are confusing the UN when some pocket lining politicians want to sing alhaq pakistan and others say we want plebecite/referendom and then will decide for us the logical and sensible thing to do would be to call for total independence,that way neither state have no excuse to hinder our call for independence or struggle,and also highlight india's claim of democracy.In democracy you don't lock up people who disagree with occupation,and also there is another way of highlighting kashmir conflict,but we need to collectively discuss this with HH.I hope i said more then enough,we need to say less and act more,action speaks louder then words.I hope you agree.


    A M


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