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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Pakistan needs to adopt a clear, unambiguous Kashmir policy: Amanullah Khan

Islamabad: (6 March 2010) Mr. Amanullah khan, Patron-in-Chief of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has said that India could never be compelled to enter into a serious and meaningful dialogue to solve Kashmir Issue unless Pakistan adopts a clear, unambiguous Kashmir policy based on equitable, democratic and honorable solution of Kashmir Issue and after making the people of Pakistan and Kashmir agree with it, put it before the international community and international public opinion and obtain their supports to that solution. It should then be put before India who will be pressurized by international community and global public opinion to enter into serious and meaningful parlays with Pakistan and Kashmiri leadership to solve the six decades old problem. Mr. Khan said that India had succeeded in dictating terms because Pakistan’s recent governments had failed to put forward a solution of Kashmir Issue which world opinion would accept as an equitable, democratic and honorable one for all the parties to the Issue. Instead, Pakistan Governments had, on one hand, been assuring Kashmiris that Pakistan fully supported Kashmiris’ right of self-determination, and on the other hand, none of about half a dozen Indo-Pak agreements signed during last about 40 years specially the Summit agreements of 1972, 1999 and 2004, did not even make a mention of Kashmiris’ inherent, internationally recognized and pledged right of self-determination nor have about seventeen million Kashmiris been accepted even as an ordinary party to Kashmir Issue whereas they are it’s principal party. The Islamabad joint Statement of January 2004 goes to the extent of saying that “ Kashmir Issue would be solved in the light of the national interests of India and Pakistan” totally ignoring the interests of most concerned and worst effected party, the people of Jammu Kashmir State. That is why these facts give the clear impression on international level that, Pakistan also, like India, was interested only in her own interests and not in the national interests of Kashmiris. As such it would be foolish in the present circumstances to expect of the international community and the world public opinion to support Pakistan on Kashmir Issue. This point of view was expressed by JKLF Leader in a Statement issued to the press Saturday.
The ideological leader of JKLF said that whereas India had refused to accept UN Security Council’s offer made through it’s unanimous resolution (No. 1172) of June 1998 to help India and Pakistan solve Kashmir Issue subject to approval by both of them, her (Indias) appeal to Saudi Arabia now to mediate on Kashmir Issue was nothing but to befool Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Kashmiris besides being yet another shrewd attempt to add one more link to the chain of her delaying tactics on Kashmir Issue during last over six decades.
Mr. Amanullah Khan called upon the government of Pakistan, the Foreign Office in particular and the Leaders of political parties and media unions to join heads and, in consultation with Kashmiri Leadership, to evolve a peaceful, equitable, democratic and honorable solution of Kashmir Issue and based on that solution adopt a concrete, aggressive and un-ambiguous Kashmir policy and confront India with that solution and policy in a dignified and effective way to make her accept that solution.

Dr. Toqeer Gilani
Secretary Information JKLF


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