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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Shocking -Ill-treatment of Kashmiris in India is Alarming: JKLF

JKLF in London has said that by not allowing Yasin Malik, his wife and 18 months old daughter to stay in a hotel in New Delhi shows intolerance towards the residents of Jammu Kashmir by the Indian State.

 In a Statement Issued from London, Senior Vice President of JKLF in UK Councillor Mahmood Hussain said that such behaviour of India makes us Kashmiris more determined for freedom from foreign occupation. Only due to the person's political ideology, he was thrown out of the hotel along with his family. Such oppressive and cruel measures cannot be legitimised at any level and will not dampen the struggle for right to self determination and national dignity of Kashmiris.

Councillor Mahmood Hussain further said if Indian authorities continue to harass Kashmiris in India and continue restricting the movements of JKLF Chairman Yasin malik, the organization will take this  issue before international human rights fora as well  as other authorities to expose the under hand undemocratic  methods of Indian state machinery in Kashmir. Cllr Hussain said that forcing a young child out of a hotel in middle of a night along with her parents! this shows the true face of India's so called Democracy, no civil society in any part of the world, would tolerate this inhumane behaviour.  

Press Secretary,
JKLF (London Branch)


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