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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Human rights day was observed throughout the world on Tuesday 10th December 2013

(London 11 December 2013):
Once again seminars and lectures were delivered on this issue, articles appeared in the media highlighting the importance of Human rights year after year, and it is stressed that no one should be denied Basic Human in any circumstances.

In a statement issued from London, Senior Vice President of JKLF UK Councillor Mahmood Hussain has said that Western nations always advocate the importance of Human rights and express their displeasure against the regimes that violate these rights but they keep quiet as far as Human rights violations in disputed Jammu Kashmir region are concerned. The Kashmiri people are not only deprived of their basic human rights, but are being mercilessly annihilated. The Indian government has imposed black laws such as AFSPA, PSA etc providing immunity to the soldiers. The people are killed and shot daily, houses are searched without warrant, in few incidents some are burnt down with the occupants still inside. 

Councillor Mahmood Hussain said that State sponsored systemic killing is fully operational in Kashmir. No wonder Indian Government is reluctant to allow Independent agencies to monitor abuses being perpetrated by its over 700, 000 troops stationed in Kashmir. (Most heavily militarised region in the world). The Only Crime of the poor and defenceless Kashmiris is that they are asking for their right to exercise the right of self determination.

He further added that it is high time that the people of the world use their voice against this injustice and against the violation of the sanctity of Human Rights.

Publicity Secretary,
JKLF London Branch


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