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Thursday, 27 October 2016

JKLF UK mass lobby of British Parliament.

London 24 October, 2016:   Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front UK chapter organised a Mass Lobby of the British Parliament along with Several other pro freedom leaders including Dr.Misfer Hussan,Najib Afser,Ghulam Hussain,Rana Shama Nazir,Irshad Malik,veteran leader Jabbar Butt,Zubair Ansari and inaam ul Haq.More than 40 members British Parliament participated in the meeting ,few of them are listed below.

Julie Cooper .    Burnley

Kelvin Hopkins. Luton

Liam Byrne.      Birmingham

Yasmin Qureshi. Bolton

Khalid Mahmood .Birmingham

Stephen Timms. East Ham

Eilidh Whiteford .Banff and Buchan.

Paul Blomfield. Sheffield

David Nuttall. Bury

Philip Davis. Shipley

 David Winnck. Bloxwich, Walsall

Ruth Smeeth. Stoke on Tent

Gavin Shuker. Luton

Roger Godsiff. Birmingham

Fabian Hamilton. Leeds

Robert Flello .Stoke on Trent

Tasmina Sheikh.  Ochil and South Perthshire

Lord Hussain. House of Lords ( Former Leader of JKLF)

 Thangam Debbonaire.Bristol West.

Richard Fuller. Bedford

Judith gumming. Bradford

Honourable British Member Parliament Julie Cooper chaired the meeting along with JKLF,s international, diplomatic and political campaigns head Professor Azmat A Khan,Dr.Misfer Hussan and JKLF UK Zone president Sabir Gul.

JKLF senior leaders including general secretary Syed Tehseen Gillani,cheif organiser Abar Nisar,spokesman JKLF UK Shakeel Mirza,senior Vice President Mushtaq Malik,Senior leader Aslam  Mirza ,Aqeel Butt,Muhammad Saghir,Muhammad Sodagar,Professor Liaqat,Malik Latif,Nazam Bhati,general secretary Luton Liaqat Ali Lone and many more JKLF members were present in the meeting.

JKLF leaders said that UK government has a longstanding but ineffective docile policy of no mediation on Kashmir. For a permanent UN SC member state, which has historical, political and moral obligation on Kashmir, to say “Its between India and Pakistan to resolve” is equivalent to saying the two nuclear armed neighbours can carry on with what they are doing in Kashmir. The ethical foreign policy ministers used to say we stand ready to help but that is no more the case. Hence the bloodshed and carnage continues in occupied Kashmir.

 JKLF leaders said that, if promoting respect for human rights and political rights for all people and all nations in the world is a core purpose of the UN, the people of divided and occupied Jammu Kashmir have been waiting over 7 decades for it to take effect in Kashmir. UK and USA are responsible for the systemic failure of the Security Council in meeting their responsibilities and promises on resolving the Kashmir issue peacefully in accordance with the will of the people.  We suspect the new UN Human Rights UpFront initiative will not reach Jammu Kashmir to ensure early and effective action. The uprising over the past 3 months is not likely to die down.

JKLF pleaded the British MPs for their help and assistance to raise the issue of Kashmir’ as an issue of unfettered right of self-determination for 20 million population of Jammu Kashmir rather than a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan.

JKLF asked the MPs to raise questions about Kashmir before Prime Minister, Teresa May, goes to India from 6th November that
While in India, will the PM talk to her counterpart about releasing Kashmiri political prisoners, including women & children as well as the ailing leader of the pro-independence Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Yasin Malik, whose moderate and secular organisation represents Kashmiris on both sides of the divide as well as the Diaspora, and who seeks peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue through international mediation.

JKLF leadership urged British parliamentarians to ask Indian or Pakistani MPs or Ministers, what measures they are seeking to take to make life easier for the Kashmiri population under their respective control, including freedom of speech, freedom of movement and the right to live life with honour and dignity until the Kashmir Issue is resolved.

JKLF raised concerns about the health,safety and well being of JKLF cheif Yasin Malik in front of British MPs and told them that JKLF have strong reservation about the medical treatment of Mr.Yasin Malik provided by Indian government .JKLF urged that Mr. Yasin Malik should be released immediately from the custody.

British parliamentarians assured that they will raise the questions about human rights violations on both sides of LOC and will continue their support for the movement of independence of Jammu Kashmir in the house and on other relevant forums.They said that they understand Jammu Kashmir is not a boarder dispute between Indian and Pakistan but an issue of 20 millions people's political future.

People of Jammu Kashmir should be given an unfettered right of self determination so that they could decide their political future .
British Parliamentarians assured that they will raise all questions and would play more active role inside parliament and outside for the resolution of Jammu Kashmir issue according to the aspirations of the people of Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.


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