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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Malik Paid rich tributes to martyr Burhan Muzafar Wani and others.

The story of martyr Burhan Wani and martyr of Kashmir Ishfaq Majeed Wani has many similarities said Incarcerated JKLF Cheif Muhammad Yasin Malik

Incarcerated JKLF chief also paid tributes to great social leader late Abdul Satar Eidi, He was a great, humble soul.

Srinagar July 09: Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik has been arrested  by police and forces during a nocturnal raid on his residence . Police last night cordoned his residence and after arresting him shifted him to police station Kothibagh.

Meanwhile in his message from incarceration , JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik has paid rich tributes to great warrior and freedom fighter Shaheed Burhan Muzafar Wani and his associated Shaheed Sartaj Ahmad and Shaheed Parvaiz Ahmad who embraced martyrdom at Kokernagh last evening. While paying tributes to the martyrs ,JKLF incarcerated chairman said that the way people of Kashmir have mourned the loss of martyr Burhan Wani across Kashmir, has reminded us the martyrdom of pioneer of present struggle Shaheed I Kashmir Ishfaq Majeed Wani in 1990. This unified protest and mourning should serve as an eye opener for the world as well as India and they should realize the fact that tyranny, oppression and other means of subjugation have not and can never suppress the voice and freedom struggle of Kashmiris has and will continue till the achievement of the desired goal. Yasin Malik said that the story of martyr Burhan Wani and martyr of Kashmir Ishfaq majeed Wani has many similarities. 

Before 1987 police, agencies and other forces opened the doors of red 16 like torture centers on peaceful youth who wanted to peruse the path of peaceful struggle. Police used to torture them, their relatives, and parents and humiliating was a common feature. This oppression forced youth of that time to start armed struggle and world saw a historical people’s revolution led by martyr Ishafaq Majeed Wani in 1990. Yasin Malik said that likewise martyr Burhan Wani, his brother martyr Khalid Muzafar wani and thousands of others like them became part of peaceful struggle in 2008 and 2010 but state, police, forces and agencies subjected them and their dear ones with the same torture and humiliation, that was done with youth prior to 1987 and hence these young innocents were also forced to tread the path of sacrifices and martyrdom. 

Yasin Malik said that in 1990 after the martyrdom of Ishfaq Majeed Wani coward rulers imposed curfew to stop people from mourning and participating in his funeral  but people could not be stopped likewise today after the martyrdom of Burhan Muzafar Wani, curfew, restrictions, internet and phone barring, arrests, firings and beatings have been going on but coward rulers and their masters have failed to stop people from mourning the loss of their great young warriors and every house and home today is mourning and protesting against Indian occupation, oppression and suppression. 

Yasin Malik said that from last evening more than six people have fell to the bullets of trigger happy Indian soldiers, more than 200 are injured many of them critically and many more arrested. RSS led PDP rulers have beaten all previous records by putting army along with other forces on roads to beat and kill people. He said that PDP led coward rulers should know that their oppression cannot deter the people of Kashmir from perusing the path of struggle and freedom. While praying for the patience of those who lost their dear ones from last evening, Yasin Malik prayed for the speedy recovery of those injured. He appealed people to follow the joint resistance leadership protest programs and made these programs a success.  
 Jailed JKLF chairman has paid rich tributes to great Muslim social leader, humanitarian and philanthropist Moulana Abdul Satar Eidi who breathed his last today. While recalling his meeting with the great soul in 2005 during Kashmir earthquake, Yasin Malik said that his modesty, humbleness, love for humanity, passion for work and kind personality can never be forgotten. Yasin Malik said that Moulana Abdul Satar Eidi always stood firm for the cause of humanity and set a glaring example for people to come. He served humanity rising above creed, cast, color, religion and region and that is why today when he has departed this material world every eye is weeping for him, every heart is grief-stricken and every lip praying for his heavenly abode. He hoped that the institution set up by late Moulana Eidi will continue its good works and will flourish day by day. While expressing his heartfelt condolences to the people and government of Pakistan and also to his bereaved family, Yasin Malik prayed for his heavenly abode.


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