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Friday, 22 July 2016

Chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik languishing in police custody from last 15 days

Not letting people to come out of homes during a break in ongoing strike, glaring example of callousness of so-called rulers. Our passion for freedom can never be defeated by any oppression said Incarceration JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik

JKLF, others hold protest rally at Nawabbazar and other places, many arrested.

Srinagar, 22nd July: incarceration and house arrest  of leadership and thousands of youth, strict curfew from last 13 days and total ban on all means of communications etc  are all forms of Indian oppression meant to defeat the passion and valor  of Kashmiri nation . Our passion for freedom can never be defeated by any oppression. Resilience, brotherhood and philanthropy of common Kashmiris in these hard times is heartening and appreciable stated by incarcerated Chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik today. 

JKLF chief Muhammad Yasin Malik who was arrested by police on 8th July 2016 and is languishing in police station Kothibagh from then, said that arresting and house arresting political leadership, unleashing reign of terror against common people, killing more than 50 innocents by direct firing, injuring thousands, snatching eye sight of hundreds by killer pellets and placing millions of humans under strict curfew for 15 days with no communication  and other oppressive measures has one goal to achieve and that is to break the will, passion and valor of Kashmiri people. But time and again it has been proved that these kind of fascist measures have and will not succeed in breaking the will of Kashmiri people. 

He said that despite all what is going on in Kashmir from last 15 days, Indian leadership is in a constant state of denial and is trying hard to dub peoples movement in Jammu Kashmir as a sponsored one. He said that a nation is asking for freedom with one voice, a nation is on streets, protesting for its rights with unity and is rendering sacrifices but Indian leaders and its Kashmiri stooges instead of putting a halt on their oppressive measures and killing spree are legitimizing these killings and undemocratic acts by putting blame on the protestors. Referring to recent remarks by Indian home minister in Indian parliament during which he praised Indian forces for killing Kashmiris and meeting of so-called chief minister with the kith and kin of recently martyred person in south Kashmir, Yasin Malik said that these are two acts of double speak and hypocritical politics by India and its stooges. 

At one hand one is praising killers and on the other hand another is shedding crocodile tears on corpse of those killed. Yasin Malik said that this hypocritical politics has actually exposed the real face of India and its Kashmiri stooges and exposed their animosity with the people of Kashmir. Yasin Malik said that so-called rulers are such callous that on Thursday joint resistance had given a call for a break in ongoing strike to facilitate common people but rulers imposed a strict curfew and didn’t allow people to come out and buy necessary food items, medicine and other means of life for them. He said that this coldblooded approach of so-called PDP rulers has exposed their hate for people of Kashmir and it has been proved beyond doubt that these power hungry people can go to any low in their Kashmir enmity. 

Yasin Malik said that a nation that has and is rendering valuable sacrifices for its freedom can never be defeated by oppressive and harsh measures and Indian leaders and their Kashmri stooges should bear in mind that oppression is bound to fail and last victory always belongs to the oppressed. While appealing people of Kashmir to continue their zeal, acts of humanity and philanthropy, care for the inured and their attendants in hospitals and work to provide relief to the needy people, JKLF incarcerated chairman said that the work done by Kashmiris especially the youth in this regard has been heartening and appreciable.

Meanwhile following the program given by collective leadership people across Jammu Kashmir raised slogans in favor of freedom and against Indian oppression. People across valley in Masajid expressed solidarity with recent martyrs. A joint program of protest in this regard was held at Nawabbazar Srinagar in which activist from both APHC’s and JKLF participated. This protest was addressed by JKLF zonal organizer Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri and others. People in large numbers participated in this program and raised slogans in favor of resistance. Also JKLF leader’s zonal senior vice president Muhammad Yasin Butt and senior leader Zahoor Ahmad Butt have been arrested by police when they were meeting jailed JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik at police station Kothibagh. JKLF has strongly condemned this Policegiri.


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