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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Protest against incarceration of Professor SAR Geelani others

Protest against incarceration of Professor SAR Geelani others, held at Jenab sahib Soura….
India and its stooges have choked every little space for peaceful political activities, Political dissent and this is pushing youth to the wall //JKLF
Tributes paid to recently martyred youth…….

Jenab sahib Soura // Choking peaceful space on dissent and arresting people for sedition merely for standing with truth is a ploy to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. Prolonging incarceration of Professor SAR Geelani and others shows the double faced and hypocritical approach of Indian rulers. This was stated by the vice chairman JKLF Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi and others while speaking to people at Jenab Sahib Soura today. Earlier JKLF leaders and activists along with people from other walks of life participated in a protest rally held at Soura.

The rally was organized to stage protest against prolonging incarceration of noted educationist and social leader Professor SAR Geelani and others who are in jail under fake and manipulated sedition charges. Participants of the rally chanted slogans in favor of Azadi, Martyrs and immediate release of Professor Geelani and other students.

JKLF leaders Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi, Noor Muhammad Kalwal, Zahoor Ahmad Butt, Sheikh Khalid, Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, Muhammad Sideeq shah, professor Javed, Showkat Ahmad Dar, Muhammad Maqbool Taploo , Ghulam Muhammad Dar, Muhammad Hanief and others were present on the occasion. While speaking to the participants of the rally, JKLF leaders said that India and its stooges have choked every little space for peaceful political activities. Political dissent and raising voice against oppression, tyranny and torture have been banned.

In Kashmir during 2008 and 2010 when people of Kashmiris transformed their struggle from violent to non violent, hundreds of young Kashmiris fell to the bullets of trigger happy Indians, thousands of young boys and youth were arrested and tortured and from then they along with their families are being humiliated on daily basis.

Speakers said that this oppression is pushing young Kashmiris to the wall and hence promoting worst kind of violence. Speakers said that this Indian oppression is responsible for the killings of our young buds and today because of this undemocratic and oppressive behavior we are receiving the corpses of our brilliant minds. While paying tributes to recently martyred Kashmiri youth Shaheed Ishaaq Ahmad Parray, Shaheed Asif Ahmad Mir and Shaheed Ashiq Hussain of Tral area, speakers said that these young boys are laying their lives for a just cause and we salute their sacrifices.

Speakers said that Indian rulers in their pursuit to suppress voices rising in support of Kashmir in Indian states have started intimidating people and charging them with black laws.

Today professor SAR Geealni and many students of JNU are in jails under concocted allegations and rulers and their authorities are trying everything possible to prolong their detention. Speakers said that SAR Geelani is a known social, human rights activist and has been raising his voice for political prisoners, human rights of Kashmiris and other human issues.

Speakers said that arresting SAR Geelani like people on concocted charges and putting them behind bar is condemnable and irony is that no one is today raising voice against Professor Geealni’s incarceration. Speakers said that Kashmiris will keep protesting against this ban on freedom of speech and thought, against incarceration of Professor Geelani and intimidating Kashmiris especially students studying in India.

On the occasion people chanted slogans against arresting Professor SAR Geelani and others and threatening Kashmiris living in India.


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