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Friday, 18 March 2016

JKLF organizes rally against incarceration of SAR Geelani, intimidation of Kashmiri students, use of pellet guns and pepper gas etc against Kashmiris...Several JKLF leaders including Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi arrested

Srinagar// Pellet-guns and pepper gas are tools of oppression, intimidation of Kashmir students in India states and prolonging imprisonment of veteran social leader Professor SAR Geelani is not acceptable . This was stated by the vice chairman JKLF Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi today while leading a protest rally at Koker Bazaar Lal Chowk Sgr.

JKLF leaders, activists and others in large numbers gathered at Koker Bazaar and started marching towards Lal Chowk. Raising slogans against intimidation of Kashmir students in Indian states, prolonged detention of SAR Geelani and illegal use of pellet guns and paper gas against peaceful Kashmiris, participates of the rally holding play cards and photographs of victims in their hands marched towards Lal chowk .

The rally were stopped by police at Koker Bazaar Chowk and after dispersing peaceful protestors by force, police arrested JKLF leaders and activists including Vice Chairman Shaukat Ahmad Bakhshi, Zonal General Secretary Sheikh Abdul Rashid, zonal organizing Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, leader Professor Javed, members Imtiyaz Ahmad Ganaie, Basharat Ahmed, Ali Mohammad, Shakir Ahmad, Fayaz Ahmad Lone, Mohammad Hanif Dar, Irfan Ahmad Khan and Mohammad Afzal Shaikh .

Prior to his arrest, JKLF vice chairman Showkat Ahmad Bakshi while speaking to people present at the rally said that today’s protest is against use of deadly weapons like pellet guns and paper gas, that is being used to suppress peaceful protests and protesters in Kashmir and because of which hundreds of innocent young boys have lost their eye sight and vital organs etc.

He said that these weapons are tools of oppression and international community should take notice of this state sponsored terrorism against Kashmiris.

 Bakshi Sahib said that we are also protesting against intimidation of Kashmir students who are being terrorized in many Indian states and whose careers are on stake because of this intimidation.

He said that this is not acceptable and if this is not stopped immediately people of Kashmir will have no option but to launch a full-fledged agitation against this. While condemning the prolonged incarceration of veteran social leaders are educationist Prof SAR Geelani and other JNU students, Showkat Ahmad Bakshi said that this has exposed the double faced approach of Indian state.

He said that these arrests are actually a ploy to put a blanket ban on freedom of expression and India under the grab of democracy is actually promoting worst kind of dictatorial attitude through these measures.

Bakhshi sahib appealed international community to take notice of all these oppressive measures and save the lives and careers of Kashmiris.

Meanwhile JKLF leader Zahoor ahmad Butt today addressed people at Trehgam Kupwara. In his address Zahoor Ahmad Butt said that Indian state has launched a full- fledged war against Kashmiris and arrest of SAR Geelani, others and intimidating Kashmiri students in Indian states are glaring examples of this.



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