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Saturday, 20 February 2016

JKLF UK Condemns the unlawful arrests of kashmir academic SAR Gilani and JNU students' union presedent Kanhaiya Kumar

JKLF UK strongly condemns the recent unlawful arrests of famous Kashmiri academic SAR Gilani, JNU Students’ Union President Kanhaiya Kumar and other peaceful protesters. A statement issued by JKLF UK spokesperson has appreciated the peaceful protests and the stand taken by Indian civil society,intellectuals and progressive political parties on Kashmir issue, the continuous brutalities, killings of innocent Kashmiris and human rights violations by Indian forces in Jammu Kashmir.

 The spokesperson said that Indian government has been trying to suppress the rights of Kashmiris and it clearly reflects that there is no place for, and no tolerance towards, freedom of speech and right to peaceful protest in the so-called largest democracy of the world and so called secular india. JKLF UK  condemns the illegal detension of Chairman JKLF Yadin Malik and JKLF have strong concerns about his health.JKLF UK also condemns the coverage of the JNU issue by some of the media channels who are trying to portray a peaceful protest into a conspiracy or proxy.

JKLF UK has always urged Indian civil society,intellectuals,human rights activists and progressive political parties to stand up against human rights violations in Kashmir and the current wave of protests in India clearly reflect the feeling of disgust towards Indian government’s actions in Kashmir. The spokesperson of JKLF UK has saìd that indian govermeent should learn a lesson from her own histrory.were Baghat Sing ,Ishfaq Ahmed,chander azad ,Sobhash Boss terriorsts?

JKLF UK makes it clear that Maqbool Butt ,Afzal Guru and thousands other myrters are kashmiri nation,s heros.kashmiri people have every right to commemorate the death annivetsiries of Maqbool Butt,Afzal Guru and others.JKLF UK also condemns the attacks on kashmiri students in various universities by RSS and other fanatic groups.

JKLF UK leadership hope that this wave of protests continues peacefully in India until justice has been achieved for Kashmiris.

Spokesman JKLF UK
Shakeel Mirza.


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