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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

World Silence on Kashmir -- Letter for Publication

UN Human rights day was observed on December 10. Once again seminars and lectures were delivered on this issue, articles appeared in the media, highlighting the importance of human rights.
 We read and hear of this year after year, and it is stressed that no-one should be denied basic human rights in any circumstances.

Western nations always advocate the importance of human rights and express their displeasure against regimes who violate these rights.

But, they keep quiet as far as the human rights are concerned in Kashmir?

The Kashmir people are not only deprived of their basic human rights, but are mercilessly annihilated. The laws are imposed depriving people of every basic human rights. People including women and children, are shot at, killed and houses searched without warrant. The army has been given unlimited power, and are free of any kind of persecution.

Amnesty international in its report confirmed thousands of un-marked graves.

The international community knows and understands everything, but is keeping criminally silent, only because of its trade economic ties.

The state- sponsored systemic killings is fully operational in Kashmir. The only crime of the poor defenseless is that they are asking for their right of self-determination. A right which was recognized by both India, Pakistan and International community, including United Nations. 

It is high time that the people of the world use their voice against this injustice and against the violation of the sanctity of human rights.

Mahmood Hussain
JKLF (Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front) 
London Secretariat
119-123 Cannon street Road (Basement North) 
London E1 2LX
07956 400 834


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