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Monday, 1 June 2015

Maqbool Manzil, Srinagar.
   Press Release                                          Dated:   25TH MAY 2015
Choking political space not acceptable to us and we will fight this undemocratic behavior of so called rulers at every level// Yasin Malik

 Announces 10 day Jail Bharo Tehreek against crackdown on pro-resistance activities from 29th may 2015

Srinagar, May 27: The Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik came down heavily upon the state government, saying it has chocked all the political space of people here and its tactics are unacceptable and will be dismissed with the scorn it merits.
Addressing press conference in Srinagar, Malik flanked by other JKLF leaders announced ‘Jail Bharo Tehreek’ from May 29 against thwarting all pro-resistance activities in Kashmir by the puppet state government. He said such a program is aimed to give befitting reply to the ‘puppet’ government here which has choked the political space of the resistance movement in Kashmir.  
JKLF chief maintained that the era of 1988 has returned to Kashmir during which peaceful protestors and demonstrators used to be bundled in Red 16 and father used be detained against son and brother against brother by the police in valley. “It was due to such state terrorism that youth here were compelled to take arms, hence changing Kashmir’s 5000 year old history and civilization,” Malik said while addressing the press, adding that later the diplomats of Europe, UK, America and even so called Indian civil society itself made beeline to Kashmir and urged people to seek their political rights peacefully.
In 1994, we declared a unilateral ceasefire, said Malik, “Even our 600 comrades were killed but we continue to tread the peaceful path of resistance movement.”
The JKLF chairman remarked that in 2008, when people of Kashmir came out in droves to seek their birth right through the peaceful demonstrations, the nation which claims to uphold Gandian values launched a war against them and killing more than 72 people. “In 2009, more than 40 people were killed in the streets of Kashmir and similarly in 2010, 127 innocent persons were killed.”
Malik maintained that the killing spree of 2008, 09 and 10 was condemned by all but among pro-India parties, PDP remained in the forefront and raised hue and cry.  JKLF chief said the PDP tried to befool the people of Kashmir by raising the farce slogans of ‘Bat bani ge Boli sae’, advocated for according political space to all shades of opinion and raised slogan of “battle of ideas”. “At present when PDP has joined RSS to grab power in JK, it has broken all the records of anarchical measures by suppressing the voices of dissent and silencing pro-freedom voices in Kashmir. It has imposed an overall ban on all peaceful, pro-freedom activities,” said the JKLF chairman.
He remarked further that on May 25, 2015 when JKLF tried to start a peaceful ‘Safr-e- Jehd-e-Musalsal’, not only he was arrested along with the front cadre but also terror was unleashed in entire Pulwama district. “District president Pulwama Javed Ahmad Bhat along with the local somu driver detained but the entire infrastructure was left in shambles by the police.”
Malik remarked that in the past when the signature campaign and Safr-e-Azadi was tried to be foiled by the government, the efforts of the local press here compelled the authorities to revoke their decision. “Though I am not aggrieved over the actions of the Indian Media as we have no hope in them, but at the same time the role played by the local press is condemnable as it acts as a laundry of the present government to clean its sins,” Malik said.
The JLKF chief said that PDP uses its man Naeem Akhtar to even remove the statements of JkLF from the local dailies.  He added that the local press is every day after becoming a PR firm for the present government wherein clarifications are made by it sans the factual position. “Even a young boy losses eye sight due to pellets in north Kashmir, local press instead of reporting facts over such a tyranny came out with a clarification on behalf of the government, claiming the usage of pellets would no longer remain in vogue in Kashmir during protests.”
“Isn’t this the situation in which youth is being pushed to the wall? Isn’t this puppet government compelling youth to tread the path of violence? We had initiated Safr-e- jehd-e-Musalsal to establish contact with the people at grass root levels which is our democratic right but the curbs being imposed on peaceful activities of the resistance leaders is for sure paving ways for the dreadful days ahead,” Malik said.
He maintained that after thorough deliberations, it was resolved that choking political space is not acceptable to us and we should fight this undemocratic behavior of so called rulers at every level. For this JKLF will start Jail Bharo Tehreek for ten 10 days from Friday May 29, 2015. “After that if the situation remains unchanged then the future course of action shall be announced.”
When asked over his views on the recent Sopore attack in which a mobile outlet was targeted by the unknown gunmen, Malik said there are two guns active in Kashmir. “One is of the militants and another of the forces. I suggest that UJC chief Syed Sallah-ud-din should form a probe committee so that facts over such an incident could come to fore after thorough investigations,” said JKLF chief. 


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