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Saturday, 10 May 2014

JKLF in UK seeks support to set up a "Government in Exile"

The president JKLF, UK ZONE, Azmat A Khan on the commemoration of Maqbool Butt Day, at Nottingham.
He said the puppet assemblies of both sides of kashmir has gone failed to represent the kashmir issue both at national and international front, furthermore, he added that these assemblies are working for the sake of their own political gains and have got no interest with kashmir issue and the people of kashmir.
So therefore, he had appealed to kashmiri diaspora in Uk, to help and support JKLF mission in a way that JKLF could set up a "Government in Exile"; which could represent kashmir Issue with its true sense & sensibility.
Israr A khan


  1. What a great Idea..please go ahead..we all will least it is to start someday..


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