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Monday, 19 November 2012

JKLF in Britain urged Kashmiris in Diaspora to unite on one platform and strengthen the movement

JKLF President, Azmat A Khan, addressing a public meeting organized by the Birmingham branch has said that JKLF was set to change the history of Kashmir and the map of Indian sub-continent just as JKLF struggle has changed the history of independence movement in Jammu Kashmir. He urged the UK Kashmiris to unite on one platform and strengthen the JKLF movement. He said that a number of major projects are underway by  JKLF at diplomatic level and for that his organisation was in dire need of funds and asked his members to donate generously as they had been doing for nearly 3 decades. He said that JKLF leaders will not allow the Kashmiri martyrs blood waste in vain. He further said that both India and Pakistan are intendeing to declare LOC as a international border which will not be acceptable to Kashmiris on both sides and if their voice was not heard their movement would take a dangerous turn and all responsibility will lie with those who are not listening to our peaceful protests. 

European MP, Phil Bennion, who was a Chief Guest at the JKLF’s annual gathering said that Kashmir issue needed to be resolved for the better relations and peace between India and Pakistan and that a sustainable solution was to give Kashmiri people in all occupied areas a chance to decide their future through a internationally supervised referendum.

Other speakers who spoke for UK Kashmiris  included JKLF general secretary Tehseen Gillani, Sabir Gull, Professor Zafar khan, Choudhary Ashraf khan, Masoom Ansari, Najib Afsar, Mumtaz Mirza and Councillor Ansar ali. Their main focus  was the demand that international community should come forward and help the Kashmiris to achieve their right of self determination. Many speakers condemned the Act 74 of AJK government, which they said was an instrument of slavery for the nation and stated that  Gilgit baltistan was integral part of Jammu Kashmir so Pakistan should not try to unitlaterally declare it as its province, which would not only violate the United Nation resolutions on Kashmir but also give India an execuse to do the same for Ladakh and Jammu  They speakers urged  Pakistan government not to back stab the Kashmiri movement.  They warned that  Pakistani attempts to declare provincial status for Gilgit Baltistan would backfire and , JKLF and allies will launch a worldwide movement across the world against pakistan.
Before this Public meeting JKLF Birmingham Branch election was held and Choudhry Ashraf khan was elected as President and Javid Iqbal as General Secretary. Other office bearers are Raja Tika Khan, Adnan Ali Butt, Qayum Ansari, Waseem Ansari, Nazakat Bhatti, Younis Ansari, Aurangzaib Mirza, Shoiab Janjua. All the newly elected members took oath and said that they will carry on working for the Independence of Kashmir and betterment of Kashmiris.

The JKLF event promoted Kashmiri Culture and folk music was presented by British born young Kashmiris. Women and children also participated in the event.   

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