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Friday, 10 August 2012

‘Torch of peace campaign a wise move’

Rawalpindi, Aug 8: Expressing satisfaction over Kashmir awareness campaign during Olympic Games in London, the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front has said that the “Torch of Peace” drive would go a long way in sensitizing the world about the plight of Kashmiris besides projecting the vexed issue in its real historic perspective.

“The JKLF leaders at a meeting hailed the initiative of JKLF-UK zone and termed it as a wise and well-timed move to seek world attention towards the lingering Kashmir dispute”, said a statement here.

The Front leaders maintained that the organizing ‘Torch of Peace’ drive in London at this point in time when the world’s media and sports fans have gathered in a huge numbers was in fact a significant move intended to bring to light the plight of Kashmir, the Indo-Pak governments’ apathy towards resolving the issue, drawing attention of the international community towards gross human rights violations in Kashmir and projecting Kashmir issue as an issue of Kashmiri peoples’ freedom.

They said that the ‘Torch of Peace’ vehicle running all day grabs attention of thousands of visitors has been receiving great media coverage as well.


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