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Friday, 22 October 2010

JKLF stages protest march in PaK

Muzfarrabad, Oct 22: To reinforce the ongoing Quit Kashmir movement in Kashmir, hundreds of JKLF workers on Friday staged a demonstration at Khoierata adjacent to the Line of Control (LoC).

Besides JKLF stalwarts, the demonstration was attended by the members of JKSLF (student wing of the party) and a large number of people hailing from southern district of Kotli, Nakial, Charoi and Sehansa.

JKLF activists told Greater Kashmir that hundreds of people particularly the youth participated in the rally. He said the participants gathered at Khoierata and later marched towards Seeri village near to the LoC.

The rally culminated peacefully near the border village of Seeri in district Kotli. 

Addressing protesters, the speakers expressed their support to Kashmiris’ ongoing peace struggle for right to self-determination. Lauding the political resolve of Kashmiri peoples they said that they (Kashmiris) had rendered matchless sacrifices to achieve their cherished goal.

Terming Kashmir as an indivisible entity they said all out efforts would be made to protect the political as well as the geographical integrity of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.

As a part of the ongoing “Restoration of national integration campaign” the speakers said that JKLF would hold another protest long-march from Hajeera to Teetrinote in District Rawalokat on October 25. They said another protest march would be taken from Muzaffarabad to Chakoti on October 27.


  1. TO JKLF MUZAFFARABAD.. Wow,,, Zahid Shaikh sb, Saif-u-din sb, Muzaffar But sb, Manzoor Khan sb, and others... My heart goes
    out to you and you really doing nicely.
    I will certainly make it a point to read more about your situation tomorrow.
    Yo...u all are a brave man to do all that you can to bring the situation in Kashmir to the world's attention. Please stay safe and may God Bless You.
    (Khawaja Manzoor JKLF Riyadh.

  2. Dear JKLF's members, Current situation in Kashmir. I do believe in Human Rights for all people in the world and I hope and pray that the situation in Kashmir gets better and that our rights as a people will be protected and restored as our ...nation's demand.
    (Khawaja Manzoor JKLF Riyadh.)

  3. We also believe in human rights even anywhere in the world. In
    the Kashmir we have been facing oppression from the last six decades. we don't want any financial or economic packages, we want a separate independent Kashmir.
    We need political,...... diplomatic, civilian support from the world.
    for our freedom cause to end the illegal occupation from Kashmir
    so that we can live with peace, honor & dignity.
    (Khawaja Manzoor. Riyadh K.S.A)

    This is real strength of JKLF Muzaffarabad, Proud on being a member of JKLF. ALLAH bless you Amanullah Khan sahib, you really done perfectly.
    (Khawaja Manzoor Ahmed JKLF Riyadh)


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