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Saturday, 9 October 2010

United Nations changed its Kashmir Stance after Shimla & Tashkent Agreements


  1. My great leader Maqboot Butt Shaheed

    Kashmiriyat draws its inspiration and vision of an independent Kashmir by great leader "Maqbool butt shaheed"
    He had unbounded faith in ALLAH, he mobilized the spirit and gave us right path to the right direction as goal of an independent Kashmir.
    He sacrificed his life and led us "Gayoor Kashmiris" in the communities.
    I urge to all Kash...miris, please be involved yourself in the national interest of Kashmir and become instruments as soldier as ambassador and as son of soil.
    Khawaja Manzoor Ahmed Chishti. (JKLF Riyadh K.S.A)


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