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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Amanullah Khan asks Indo-Pak to shun rivalry

Islamabad, Oct 29: The supreme head of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Ammanullah Khan on Friday said that the Indo-Pak rivalry and the lack of pragmatism on both sides was the main reason for Kashmir issue remaining unresolved for past 63- years.  
  “The intransigence and continuing hostility between the two countries not only deprived 15 million Kashmiris of their inalienable right but has also pushed the region into severe economic predicament”, the JKLF leader said in a statement here.
 Appreciating political resolve of Kashmiris, he said that people of Kashmir had rendered matchless sacrifices for a cause.  
 Terming Kashmir as an indivisible entity Khan said that the JKLF would make all out efforts to thwart the conspiracies aimed at bifurcating Kashmir.
 Referring to “Restoration of territorial integrity campaign” that culminated peacefully at Chakoti on Thursday he said that the campaign was launched to show complete solidarity with the people of Kashmir. 
 Highlighting the significance of the campaign, he said the main objective of conducting peaceful protest rallies in PaK was to convey a strong message to the governments of India and Pakistan that division of Kashmir would not be acceptable.


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