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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Protest in Finland (Helsinki) against Human Rights Violations in Kashmir.

Helsinki, FINLAND (24.9.2010)
Members and Supporters of JKLF in Finland gathered in front of Indian Embassy Helsinki Finland and protested against human rights violations in Kashmir. Protest organized by Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Finland Branch and led by its president in Finland Tanveer Chaudry.

Protesters shouted slogans   against Human Rights abuses by Indian troops in Kashmir. The demonstrators were holding play cards and banners highlighting the deteriorating human rights situation in Kashmir.

Protesters shouted ` India stop killing in Kashmir, Indian forces leave Kashmir, India stop killing in our Children, We want freedom and Kashmiri’s   want freedom’. The objective of the protest was to draw world attention towards the recent killings of Kashmiri youth, forced disappearances and custodial killings of innocent Kashmiri’s in Indian occupied territory.

Tanveer Choudhry
JKLF (Finland)

 DATED: 24 September 2010.

Honourable Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India
C/o The Indian Embassy Helsinki Finland

Respected Dr Manmohan Singh Aadab,

Re: Human Rights Violations and Killings of unarmed youth in Kashmir

This brief protest note is addressed to your Excellency on behalf of Kashmiri people living in Finland to reaffirm our strong resolve to support the struggle of Kashmir’s for right of self determination. We express complete solidarity with our compatriots under Indian occupation, and strongly reject India’s erroneous stance on Kashmir and occupation of an unwilling populace.

Our protest today at the Indian Embassy Helsinki Finland on the occasion when every day Indian Army is killing unarmed Kashmiri youth, is an attempt to remind the world community and your government to honour  the sentiments of Kashmiri people and also honour the commitments that India had made to the people of Kashmir on the future status of the forcibly divided territory.

Your government rules Kashmir with an iron grip supported by an occupation force of well in excess of 800,000army and paramilitary troops. Over the past twenty years these occupation forces have killed more than one hundred thousand innocent men, women and children, while thousands of Kashmiri young men have disappeared without trace after having been abducted by military and civil authorities during this period. Over the past month ,around 2 dozen Kashmir youth have been killed by Indian army who were peacefully protesting. It certainly ill behoves a mature democracy like India- particularly if it wishes to seek a solution in Kashmir- that it is intolerant towards political forces which, disagree with its stance over Kashmir.

While JKLF’s ideology is unambiguous on reunified, independent and secular future Kashmir, we’ve always advocated Indo-Pak rapprochement. Its being part of a solution rather than conflict which is what we have espoused over the years. However unlawful killings of our youth, arbitrary arrests and disappearances of Kashmir’s hardly inspire confidence in India’s sincerity for peaceful way forward.


Tanveer Ahmed Choudhry                            Qari Muzaffar Iqbal Naeemi
President, JKLF Finland                               General Secretary


  1. You did great job and here in Finland we have supporters of Kashmir, also! Kashmir should be an independent state.

  2. Well done for raising the kashmir issue in Finland. We need to inform the whole world, the truth about the true face of the "biggest democracy in the world"

    Saghir, London

  3. Don't cry here you loosers...

  4. Well done to every one who took part in the demonstration.


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