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Thursday, 30 September 2010

JKLF has declared to expand the “QUIT KASHMIR” movement to POK

            Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), the founder and pioneering organization of the ongoing freedom struggle for re-unification and complete independence of Jammu Kashmir State, has declared to expand the “QUIT KASHMIR” movement, launched in Indian occupied parts of Kashmir to the Pakistani occupied parts of Kashmir known as Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, so as to make it a strong unified voice of the entire Jammu Kashmir State. In this regard, to drive a popular support for a concerted movement, JKLF has decided a series of protest demonstrations in Pakistani occupied parts of Kashmir from Sept. 30, 2010 and sit-in programmes between Oct. 22 to Oct 27, 2010 at different places, close to the Cease-fire-Line. This was decided in the meeting of the JKLF Central Committee held in its Central Information Office at Rawalpindi, Chaired by by Amanullah Khan, the Chief Patron of the organization attended by many other leaders of JKLF.

            In a press release issued from here, it is said that, against the unabated human rights violations by the Indian forces in her occupied parts of Kashmir, JKLF will hold a nation-wide protest demonstrations on Sept. 30, 2010 followed by series of public meetings from Oct. 01 to Oct. 20, 2010 at all District Headquarters, Colleges and University Campuses in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan to drive the popular support for “Quit-Kashmir Movement” aimed at to express their strong will and determination and to consolidate the otherwise suppressed national aspirations for re-unification and complete independence of the entire State.

            Meanwhile; in the light of Oct. 22, the day when in 1947 the Tribals of Pakistan, supported by Pakistani forces, entered into Jammu Kashmir to plunder and Oct. 27, the day when Indian forces dropped at Srinagar Airport pushing out the tribal forces and occupied Jammu Kashmir, with the result the State was divided between India and Pakistan; JKLF will hold “National Integration Restoration Week” from Oct. 21 to Oct 27, 2010 and as a mark of Protest against these invading foreign occupying forces in Jammu & Kashmir.

            In this regard on Oct. 22, 2010 JKLF will hold a Protest Long-March from Khoiratta to Seeri in District Kotli followed by a Sit-In programme with a public meeting close to the Cease-Fire-Line known as the Line-of-Control at Seeri, while on Oct. 25, 2010 another Protest Long-March will take place from Hajeera to Teetrinote in District Rawalokat culminated by a Sit-In programme with public meeting close to the Cease-Fire-Line at Teetrinote. Similarly to culminate the “National Integration Restoration Week”, JKLF will hold another Protest Long-March on Oct. 27, 2010 from Muzaffarabad to Chakoti in District Muzaffarabd to be concluded with a Sit-In programme with a public meeting addresses close to the Cease-Fire-Line at Chakoti.

            All these programmes are centrally focused and mainly aimed at to convey to the world at large and to the Govt. of Pakistan and India the strong will and determination and expression of Kashmiris’ national aspirations across the divide for re-unification and complete independence of the forcibly divided Jammu & Kashmir State.

            In the meeting JKLF leaders strongly condemned the unabated human rights violation by the Indian forces and it was re-iterated that JKLF will continue to struggle till they achieve their cherished goal of national emancipation. Addressing the meeting Amanullah Khan, Chief Patron of the organization, saluting the unparalleled sacrifices and struggle by the new young generation said that JKLF is conscious about the fact that the present popular drive in the occupied Kashmir in support of the ongoing freedom struggle has provided us yet another golden opportunity to alarm the world-conscience to play her most wanted role in solving the Kashmir issue as per the wishes and national aspirations of the people of entire state of Jammu & Kashmir State.

            Among other who attended the meeting included Sardar Mohammad Shoaib Khan, Sec. General JKLF; Kh. Saif-ud-Din, Head of the Policy & Planning Committee; Hafiz Anwar Samavi, Ex. Snr. Vice Chairman; Zahid Shaikh, Dy. Sec. General, Sajid Siddiqui, Chief Organiser, Dr. Toqeer Geelani, Publicity Chief; Raja Mazhar Iqbal, Head of Political Committee; Raja Ghulam Mujtaba Khan, Chairman, students wing of JKLF and Members of the Central Committee Advocate Abid Ayub, Chowdhary Mushtaq, Shams Kashmiri while Commander Suhail Kataria attended in the capacity of an observer.

Dr, Toqeer Geelani.
Publicity Chief, JKLF.


  1. You do not represent the whole of J&K so you cannot claim to be the voice of whole J&K It is only muslim group who wants seperation from india or pakistan rest of the kashmiri's are happy withthe arrangement and would love to live in peace.Please sit back for a moment and think over it, Yes if you are intersted in dividing J&K you may as well go ahead. Had you been a true Kashmiri and known what Kashmiriyat means, today you would have not turned to be an exteemist
    Yours ABC.


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