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Friday, 6 August 2010

Protest Rally in Kotli against innocent killings in Kashmir by Indian occupied forces.


  1. Dear member,s JKLF
    Before any big struggle or moment we should must aware about ourselves where we are standing right now......
    I think we really need to spread our slogan and message in AJK and GB that first of all we must become as nation and match such criteria.
    Actually we haven't kind of agenda as one point for Kashm...iries to united, so we all independent follower's organizations have incomplete agenda as nation.
    We need to concentrate on it and make sure that all Kashmiries stand up as nation. Then there will be no chances for bad eggs to division among Kashmiries.
    Once we appear as a nation, you will see no agencies, politicians can apart us and we will achieve our goals.
    But there's still big question here......
    Can we face Kashmiries for such moment?
    Because we aren't united ourselves as one big organization, so first we must need united our all groups under one umbrella .
    Khawaja manzoor ahmed chishti Riyadh.


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