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Thursday, 5 November 2009

UPDATE: Long March still Stopped at Pak-Pattan Bridge

Updated: 10:52PM
LONG MARCH UPDATE: March still Stopped at
Pak-Pattan Bridge
JKLF Long March has been stopped in Pak-Pattan bridge. Although some people managed to cross the bridge earlier in the evening but thousands of people are still stranded there.
The march started with about 18000 to 20000 people and at this moment there are about 3000 JKLF supporters that have begun a sit-in in the severe cold weather. This has resulted in a stand off between the protesters and the Pakistani Special Forces.
The Pakistani Special Forces from Islamabad have rushed to the scene on Pakpattan Bridge and are having deliberations with JKLF Leadership. Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad, Assistant Commissioner and other high level officers are also on the scene.
JKLF leadership is determined to move towards Islamabad.
In the meantime, JKLF Supreme Head Amanullah Khan flanked by Secretary Information Toqeer Gilani, Manzoor Khan and addressed a crowded pres conference in Islamabad. He condemned the Pakistan Governments actions to curtail the long march.
JKLF activist in Rawalpindi are still demonstrating in front of Press Club and are waiting for the people to come from Azad Kashmir.


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