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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Amanullah Khan Questions Performance of UN and Azad Kashmir Government

(October 24, 2009)
Mr. Amanullah Khan, Supreme Head of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has said that the overall performance of the United Nations Organization and of the Azad Government of the State of Jammu Kashmir which had come to being on October 24, 1945 and 1947 respectively had not been satisfactory as both has failed to achieve what they had been formed for. The UNO Mr. Amanullah Khan said, had been created to establish peace with justice in the world which it had failed to do as could be seen from its failure to solve Kashmir Issue and rid Kashmiris of the reign of continuous terror let loose on them during last over six decades. The Azad Government of Jammu Kashmir State, he said, had been established to enable the people of entire State determine their future in full accordance with their freely expressed will but the political leadership of Azad Kashmir had been struggling more for power in Azad Kashmir than for liberation of the entire State. The third section of Kashmir territory i.e. Gilgit Baltistan had been kept segregated from rest of the State politically, administratively and constitutionally for over 60 years and had now been practically turned into a province of Pakistan.
        Mr. Amanullah Khan was commenting on the performance of the UN and Azad Government of Jammu Kashmir on the occasion of their 64th and 62nd anniversaries respectively.
        The JKLF Supreme Head called upon the people at the helm of affairs at the UN and in Azad Kashmir to concentrate on and accelerate their efforts to achieve what they were formed for. No permanent peace could be achieved at least in South Asia unless Kashmir problem was solved peacefully, equitably democratically and honorably on the basis of the freely expressed will of the people of the entire State of Jammu Kashmir as it stood on August 14, 1947.      

Dr. Toqeer Gillani
Information Secretary, JKLF


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