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Monday, 17 August 2009

British Kashmiris protest at Indian HC London

LONDON, Aug 15: The All Parties International Kashmir Co-ordinating Committee the alliance of British Kashmiri parties and representatives of Kashmiri diaspora have called for withdrawal of Indian troops from the populated areas of Kashmir as a first step to build a constructive environment for dialogue to resolve Kashmir issue.

This demand was made through a memorandum addressed to Indian Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh and was handed over to the officials of Indian High Commission in London after a protest demonstration to mark the India’s Independence Day as black day.

It was demanded that India must recognize Kashmiri peoples inalienable right to self determination, abolish all draconian laws including infamous Public Safety Act, and International human rights and humanitarian organizations be allowed to visit Kashmir Valley for helping the suffering population of the held territory.

The Kashmiri leaders reminded Indian Prime Minister of his promise of zero tolerance with regard to human rights violations and said that no substantial or tangible progress has been witnessed to that effect as blatant violations of human rights were continued in length and breadth of Kashmir.

The memorandum highlighted that the iron fisted policy of Indian administration along with draconian laws continued to increase the possibility of blatant and unbridled violations of human rights. Saying that repression is not the answer to the popular sentiments of the people, the Kashmiri community representatives urged Indian government to pay heed to the saner voices with in India that were recognizing

Kashmiri peoples aspirations and advocating for the measures to the right direction.

Condemning the arbitrary arrests and repeated crackdown on political leadership of Kashmir, the memorandum further stated that today’s protest widely participated by Kashmiri Diaspora needs to be recorded concern over failing health of Syed Ali Geelani, Shabir Ahmed Shah and continued detention of Naeem Ahmed Khan, Ashraf Sehrayee, Asia Andarbi, Zahoor Butt and scores of other political detainees.

They expressed hope that the present policies pursued by Indian administration will be reversed and fundamental freedom will be restored to find a peaceful resolution of the dispute through constructive dialogue. The Kashmiri community representatives further demand a tripartite inclusive dialogue between Kashmiris, India and Pakistan.



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