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Friday, 10 July 2009

“Trehgam Resistance Committee” demands action against molestation of girl in Trehgam

Trehgam, Kupwara (July 10, 2009)
Senior Vice Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front –JKLF- Sheikh Mohammed Afzal has strongly condemned the molestation of a girl by Indian army and her subsequent death in Dolipora, Trehgam.

Amina Masoodi was abducted, molested and killed by the TR160 Battalion of Indian regular Army based in Trehgam. As the word about the incident spread in the area, people took to streets and raised high-pitched anti-India and pro-liberation slogans.

The local people of Trehgam and adjourning villages have made a committee called “Trehgam Resistance Committee” followed by a meeting of notables of the area. The committee is being lead by Senior Vice Chairman of JKLF S M Afzal.

The committee in its first meeting after Friday prayers in Jamia Masjid Trehgam has demanded a through investigation into this heinous crime and have demanded the arrest of soldiers and action against the local government. The committee has also called for the complete strike for 4 days. The committee has welcomed the arrest of one solider involved in this incident after the mass protest by the people in Trehgam.

Addressing the people on Friday prayers in Jamia Masjid Trehgam, Sheikh Mohammed Afzal said that this incident in Trehgam came amid discontent all across Kashmir about the rape, molestation and murder of two Kashmiri women in Shopian, where complete shutdown continued for the 40th day, today. He said this incident occurred after several complaints about TR160 Battalion of Indian regular Army by the local people to district magistrate few weeks before. S M Afzal said that local government of National Conference was also aware of the shameful activities of TR160 Battalion of Indian regular Army.

S M Afzal said that the cases of molestation of Kashmiri women in occupied territory have increased considerably in recent times. He called upon the international community to ensure safety and dignity of people of Kashmir. S M Afzal further said that such oppressive and cruel measures will not dampen the struggle for right to self determination and national dignity by the people.

Andleed Kashmiri,
JKLF (Srinagar)


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