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Saturday, 18 July 2009

An Appeal to World Conscience

Kashmiri PeoplesInherent, internationally recognized and pledged but now being denied
Right of Self-Determination

An Appeal to World Conscience
From: All Parties Committee for Kashmiri Peoples Right of Self-Determination

Component Parties of All Parties Committee for Kashmiri Peoples Right of Self-Determination

Name of the Organisation Headed by
1) All J & K Muslim Conference (A) Sardar Atiq Ahmed. Khan Ex. Prime Minister, Azad Kashmir

2) All J & K Muslim Conference (F) Raja Farooq Haider (MLA)
3) Pakistan Peoples Party Azad Kashmir Ch. Abdul Majeed Ex. Speaker, A.K. Assembly
4) Peoples Muslim League Barrister Sultan Mehmood Ch. Ex. Prime Minister, Azad Kashmir.
5) Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party Sardar Khalid Ibrahim Ex. MLA
6) Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) 
7) Jammu Kashmir Liberation League Malik A. Majeed, Ex. Chief Justice, Azad Kashmir High Court
8) Jamat-e-Islami Azad Kashmir Abdul Rasheed Turabi, Ex. MLA, Azad Kashmir
9) Gilgit Baltistan National Alliance Inayatullah Shumali Scholar
10) Jamieat Ulmai Islam Maulana Saeed Yousuf
11) Jamieat Ulmai Jammu Kashmir Sahibzada Atiq-ur-Rehman, Member A.K. Assembly

12) Islamic Democratic Party Ghulam Raza Naqvi, Member Kashmir Council
13) Pakistan Peoples Party (Shaheed Bhutto) Ch. Munir Hussain Advocate
14) Peoples National Party (PNP) Barrister Qurban Khan
15) United Kashmir Peoples National Party M. Ishtiaque, President Press Club
16) Kashmir Freedom Movement Ch. Khaliq Hussain Advocate

Convener Mr Amanullah Khan, Supreme Head JKLF, (in his personal capacity)

The One Point Agenda of All Parties Committee for Kashmir Peoples Right of Self-Determination “To struggle unitedly and effectively, to enable the people of entire Jammu Kashmir State as it was on August 14, 1947 to exercise their inherent,internationally recognized and pledged right to determine the future status of the State in full accordance with their freely expressed will”.


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