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Monday, 1 June 2009

Halt Human Rights Abuses in Kashmir....JKLF to India

London (June 01, 2009) Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front –JKLF- has strongly condemned the continued human rights abuse in Kashmir by Indian army. In a joint statement JKLF has condemned in strongest possible terms the rape and molestation of two Kashmiri women in Shopian and their ruthless killing. JKLF has asked the international community to speak out for the increasing plight of Kashmiri people and stop India’s genocide in Kashmir. The statement was jointly issued by diplomatic chapter of JKLF on behalf of Senior Vice Chairman S M Afzal, Head of Diplomatic Committee Prof. Zafar Khan, President UK Zone Haji Rauf Khan and Secretary diplomatic committee Zafar Sharif.

JKLF Senior Vice Chairman, Sheikh Mohammed Afzal has also condemned the rape and molestation of Kashmiri women and the subsequent beating of around 50 women in the Shopian district of Kashmir. Sheikh Afzal said that people are not allowed to hold peaceful demonstrations anywhere. He called on the Indian Government and especially the ruling National Conference of the state to halt the human rights abuse in Kashmir. He reminded the government of their pledge of zero-tolerance on human rights abuse in the state during the recent Indian parliamentary elections

Head of Diplomatic Committee of JKLF Prof. Zafar Khan while addressing joint session of JKLF UK Zone Executive and Working Committee meeting condemned the Indian Governments track record of human rights in Kashmir. Zafar Khan said that it reflects the institutional conspiracy by Indian government to harass the people. He said that India continuously is not honouring the people’s sentiments in the state. While blaming India for unrest in Kashmir, he said that it is the result of unjust and forcible occupation of state by Indian forces. Zafar Khan reminded the world community that India must not be allowed to keep people of Jammu Kashmir in political servitude with an occupation force of 800,000 military and paramilitary soldiers.

In the meanwhile, JKLF diplomatic committee headed by Prof. Zafar Khan will hold a meeting with British foreign office next week to highlight the abuse of Kashmiri women by Indian forces.

Zafar Sharif,
JKLF Diplomatic Committee
Women protest against the rape and murder of two women in Shopian for second consecutive day, Sunday. (Aman Farooarooq/GK)


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