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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

August 13 to be observed as Kashmiri Peoples Right of Self-determination Day

Press Release, Islamabad:
Thursday August 13, 2009 will be observed as Kashmiri Peoples Right of Self-determination Day inside Jammu Kashmir State and on international level with great fervor and zeal under the auspices of All Parties Committee for Kashmiri People Right of Self-determination comprising 16 main political parties of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. Public meetings, rallies and seminars will be held in main towns throughout the State and in important capitals of the world as also in the world capital, New York, where speakers will explain the real nature of Kashmir Issue and why it has remained unresolved for over 6 decades. Literature on Kashmir Issue to be published in several languages will be distributed the world-over. This announcement was made by Mr. Amanullah Khan, Convener All Parties Committee for Kashmiri Peoples Right of Self-determination during a press conference here following an important meeting of the Committee which took that decision. Mr. Amanullah Khan was directed to take steps conducive to making the historic event a great success, in consultation with the leadership of the member parties. It may be recalled that the UN Commission on Kashmir (UNCIP) had, through its most detailed resolution adopted on August 13, 1948 and accepted by both India and Pakistan, recognized Kashmiri peoples right to self-determination and provided that the future constitutional and political status of Jammu Kashmir State would be determined by its people through a free and impartial plebiscite to be held under UN auspices after the ceasefire in Kashmir. Fire was ceased in January 1949 but the proposed plebiscite could not be held for many reasons mainly for India backing out of her pledges and subsequently claiming of Kashmir to be her integral part. Kashmiris’ fate has since been hanging in the balance. Three wars between India and Pakistan on the Issue have failed to solve it so has the continuous tension between them. Concept of the right of self-determination has been losing ground due to India’s undue intransigence, Pakistan’s domestic problems and international community’s apathy towards the Issue. It is hoped that efforts of the Committee specially the program of 13th August will revitalize the self-determination concept. The Committee meeting also adopted a number of resolutions. The first resolution said that Kashmir Issue was not, not at all, a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan nor does it concern the proprietorship or permanent disintegration of Jammu Kashmir State. It basically and exclusively concerns portuning about 17 million politically conscious and self-respectful people of Jammu Kashmir State (more in number than the individual populations of as many as 133 UN member countries) to exercise their inherent, internationally recognized (by India, Pakistan and the UN) right to determine their own future in full accordance with their freely expressed will. The second resolution made it clear to all concerned quarters that the people of Jammu Kashmir State in general and those of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan in particular, will not accept any solution of Kashmir Issue not based on the UN resolutions on Kashmir, on the principles enshrined in the UN Charter and on Kashmiri peoples inherent, internationally recognized and pledged right of self-determination. Another resolution said that a peaceful resolution based on Kashmiri peoples right of self-determination was in the best interests, not only of the people of Jammu Kashmir State but of both India and Pakistan as well, as that will ensure a peaceful, progressive and prosperous future for all of them. Yet another resolution said that it was painful that Kashmir issue being on the agenda of the UN Security Council for the last over 61 years, it still remains unresolved which was an ugly black spot on the face of the world body. The resolution called upon the UN Secretary General and the Security Council to take steps conducive to solving Kashmir Issue, peacefully, democratically, equitably and honorably in order to ensure peace and prosperity in the region besides getting rid of the ugly black spot from its face. Another resolution called upon international organizations specially the NAM, Islamic Conference, European Parliament, Amnesty International and other Human Rights organizations to extend full support and practical help to Kashmiris in their struggle for their right of self-determination. Those who attended the meeting included Syed Nishat Kazmi of Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party who presided over it, Mr. Amanullah Khan Convener who conducted it, Bashir Ahmed Indrabi, Secretary General Muslim Conference (A), Agha Salahuddin of Muslim Conference (F), Mr. Ashraf Janjua of Pakistan Peoples Party Azad Kashmir, A. Hameed Butt, Vice Chairman JKLF, Justice Majeed Malik (through representative), President JK Liberation League, Maulana Nazir Farooqui, Vice President JUI Azad Kashmir, Ch. Munir Hussain, President PPP (Shaheed Bhutto) Azad Kashmir and Sattar Al-Qammar of Kashmir Freedom Movement.

Raja Ghulam Mujtaba
Office Sec. APC
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