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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Statement by the Diplomatic Bureau of JKLF in London

Statement by the Diplomatic Bureau of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front:
Issued in London at JKLF’s International Secretariat.

London- 2 June 2016:

The focus of this statement is on the following two main points:
(a) the conspiracy to engineer demographic change in the valley of Kashmir under the guise of Pandit resettlement and:

(b) the threat to Jammu Muslims from communalist forces of the BJP/RSS nexus.

Indian government’s policy to construct huge separate townships on the West Bank model, (Israeli style Settlements), is a deliberate attempt to create social, political and demographic dislocation of Kashmir.
Under the guise of  Pandit resettlement, Indian government has embarked on construction of separate enclaves, including sainak or the ex-service men colonies in the Valley, despite the fact that, upon retirement service personnel return to their family homes.
It has decided to give land to non-Kashmiri industrialists, and accommodate homeless people in the valley from outside Jammu Kashmir, especially since there is a shortage of land in the Valley of Kashmir.
Kashmiris have strongly reacted to this nefarious attempt by the Indian state, and its local BJP/PDP quislings, to divide the population on ethnic and religious lines, and to create a perpetual state of uncertainly within Jammu Kashmir, and especially in the Valley.
JKLF Chairman Mr Yasin Malik, and other pro freedom and pro people leaders, have taken the matter of Indian policy, to build separate colonies, very seriously.
Over the recent months, JKLF Chairman has mobilised, political and civic opinion across all sections of Jammu Kashmiri society to mount an effective resistance to Indian policy through a united Front. Notably he met with Syed Ali Gilani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq among many others.
Since 25 May however, Mr Yasin Malik has been incarcerated, initially under Police custody, and since 29 May in Srinagar central jail.
This is a deliberate attempt by the Indian state and its local quislings, to prevent JKLF’s Chairman from further contacts with the public and opinion makers in Jammu Kashmir.
Mr Yasin Malik’s arrest and incarceration therefore exposes the charade of ‘Indian democracy’ in Jammu Kashmir.
Leaders of the All Parties Huriyat Conference-APHC- Mirwaiz Molvi Umar Farooq APHC (M) and Syed Ali Shah Gilani APHC (G), and vice Chairman of the JKLF Mr Shaukat Bakhshi have been put under house arrest since 25 May; while JKLF zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal and organiser Bashir Kashmiri have evaded arrest as both have gone underground.

Mr Yasin Malik and the APHC leaders, Syed Ali Shah Gilani (G) and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq (M), have jointly called Friday 3 May as a day of protest, and called on the population to hoist and wave black flags throughout the Valley, against the oppression of the Indian state and its quislings in Jammu Kashmir.
Mr Yasin Malik in a message from Srinagar central jail has said that it was a life and death situation for Kashmiris and that it was important to mount a united front against the Indian machinations against the people of Kashmir.
It must be remembered that over ten thousand Pandits live and engage in business throughout the valley of Kashmir without fear, including having businesses in the Lal Chawk area of Srinagar itself in complete safety.
There is therefore, no justification for India to construct separate Colonies for Pandits or any other section of society in the Valley or any other part of Jammu Kashmir.
We do however demand, that Indian government gives necessary financial support (one crore rupees for each family) for Pandit families, to buy property wherever they wish in the Valley.
Also in view of deepening communalisation of Jammu Kashmir society by the BJP, we are extremely concerned for the safety of Muslim population in Jammu.
In this regard we consider the words of BJP minister Lal Singh deeply offensive, and full of intimidation to Muslims of Jammu, when he reminded them of the 1947 massacres, in which at least three hundred thousand (3 Lakh) Muslim residents were massacred, in what can only be described as deliberate and calculated actions of extremists, to eliminate Muslim presence in Jammu region of the state.
Lal Singh conveyed his threat when a delegation of Jammu Muslims met him on 20 May with their grievances. Instead of redressing their complaints, he reminded them of what happened to their kith and kin in 1947.
It is sad to note that people like Lal Singh, inspired by communalist ideology of the RSS in 1947, were responsible for the massacres, and of forcing more than half a million Muslims to flee for safety, in Azad Kashmir and the Punjab in Pakistan.
In view of Lal Singh’s threat to Muslims of Jammu with dire consequences, and considering the violent nexus and ideology of the RSS and the BJP, we call upon the international community to take these threats against Muslims in Jammu seriously.
It is our firm view therefore that construction of vast colonies in the valley, is an attempt by the Indian government, under the guise of Pandit resettlement, to change demographic character, and create social dislocation of not only the Valley, but whole of Jammu Kashmir.
Furthermore it is an attempt to create facts on the ground by changing the majority into minority in Indian Held Jammu Kashmir.
It is an attempt by the Indian state to bring about fragmentation of the Valley of Kashmir by erecting an iron curtain through construction of these huge townships.
We firmly reiterate our strong resolve to resist this diabolical Indian policy of building huge militarised fortresses that would be similar to the West Bank Settlements by Israel in Palestine, under the guise of Pandit resettlement.
We will take appropriate and effective diplomatic and political actions to counter Indian policy by supporting the anti-status quo and pro- people leadership in Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir.
We demand that Indian authorities and their local quislings immediately release Mr Yasin Malik from arbitrary incarceration as well as Huriyat and JKLF leaders from house arrests.
We call upon the international community to take note of these undemocratic and oppressive methods of the Indian state and its agents in Jammu Kashmir against peaceful and legitimate political rights and activities of the pro- people and anti-status quo Kashmiri leadership.
As part of our concerted diplomatic and political actions, steps will be taken to organise public demonstrations against Indian Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in Europe, UK, the United States, and in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.
In his message from Srinagar Central Jail, Mr Yasin Malik expressed his delight over the successful operation of Pakistani Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, and extended solidarity with Prime Minister Sharif’s family and prayed for his early recovery.
Mr Malik also expressed his heartfelt grief and sorrow over the sad demise of Malik Muhammad Shafi, a founding member of the JKLF and right hand man of JKLF supreme head jenab Amanullah Khan marhoom, and expressed his condolences with the family and prayed for Malik Shafi  sahib’s heavenly abode……

Prof Zafar Khan
Head of Diplomatic Bureau
Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front-JKLF.

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