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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Reign of terror unleashed in Kashmir condemnable.Yasin Malik

SRINAGAR (Press Release)
Reign of terror unleashed in Kashmir is condemnable.Imprisonment of youth, slapping PSA on them is an act of putting their future in dark and hence pushing kashmiri’s to the wall. This was stated by the chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik while condemning the recent arrests of youth and slapping of PSA on them. Yasin Malik who himself is under house arrest from last one month and has been confined to one room ,said that the young Kashmiri’s most of whom are students are continuously being targeted and tortured by police and other forces. Police is pro actively raiding, arresting and searching for these innocent Kashmiri’s. This has caused a wide spread fear psychosis among the youth throughout Kashmir. Yasin Malik said that this oppression ,suppressing people through police and military might is a clear evidence of Jammu Kashmir being a police state run by police and forces. Yasin Malik said that the so called civilian government is actually playing as puppets of forces and their only job is to provide a legal cover for the crimes and acts of terror committed by these forces .Yasin Malik said that today hundreds of innocent youth including under age kids are being put behind bars through black law PSA. Innocent Aasif Majeed Shaksaaz of Hazratbal who is just 16 has been sent to jail by this act. Same has been done with Aadil Ashraf khanof Sopore, Zubair Ahmad Taray and Shakir Ahmad Mir of Shupian, Sajad Ahmad of Khanyaar etc. hundreds of others including Junaid Ahmad Wani Khawaja bazaar,Sahil Ahmad Chonka Roshan Gar Mohalla, Arooj Ahamd Bhat Srinagar, Aadil Ahmad Dar Zainakot and Dawood Ahamd of Jamia Masjid Srinagarremain in jails, and police stations while has many are being hunted for by police. Yasin Malik said that even hundreds have been released but only after paying heavy ransom. What is the crime of these young kashmiri’s. Why are they being tortured? Why are rulers playing with their future and under which moraland human law is they being constantly ill treated, asked Yasin Malik. He said that Indian government, its Kashmiri puppets are responsible for the plight of these young children but at the same time the world especially those who persuaded Kashmiri’s to adhere to the principles of non violence, who preachpeace, on violence, democracy and humanity are also equally responsible as they silently watching the reign of terror being unleashed to crush a non violent movement by Indian rulers are not even ushering a word against this unilateral state terrorism. Yasin Malik said that if the civilized world, human rights groups,civil society especially working in India and other people who believe in democracy and freedom failed to rise up to the occasion’ new generation in Kashmir will lost every faith in humanity, justice and democracy. Yasin Maliksaid that the people of Jammu Kashmir are engaged in a peaceful movement .We are fighting a nation that has unleashed reign of terror on us and that too in the name of democracy and peace and it is the moral and human duty of every democratic country and people who believe in democracy and human rights to come to the rescue of this poor nation, Said Yasin Malik.
Meanwhile JKLF has paid rich tributes to martyr Sajad Ahmad shah of Shergadi .Terming him as one of the great son of soil JKLF leaders prayed for his soul. JKLF also paid tributes to Mohammad Jamal Lone Karhama who died recently.
Also JKLF vice chairman advocate Bashir Ahmad Bhat has expressed his heart felt grief and sorrow over the demise of a young kashmiri student kabir Rashid Bhat of Wadipora kupwara who died in Pune Maharashtra .


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